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Are you worried that Brandon Guyer may not get enough playing time with Cleveland having a lot of OF's right now?
Good question. I guess that gets to the heart of what I was rambling about--what is "enough" playing time? You're typically facing one or two left-handed starters a week, with a couple of pinch hitting opportunities. Do I feel as though Brandon Guyer will get 10 at bats a week on Cleveland? I think it's pretty likely, no matter how crowded the roster gets. It's no sure thing, and I'll say this--baseball's moves towards adding more and more relief pitching may make baseball worse, but it almost certainly makes Scoresheet worse. Because of the lack of a traditional free agency system, it's harder than ever to find the depth to cover each position, particularly in the American League, where there's no compelling reason for bench players to ever rack up at bats.