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Thanks! Always appreciate the supp draft previews and mocks. This round really gets thin. Curious if considering and July 2 guys? I know most are a little young, but some of the Cubans should probably be considered.
A great question--and one that I'd want to tackle in depth on the podcast next week. Stay tuned. The short answer is no, there's no one in the July 2 market who would be on my radar in a standard league. I think the evidence for that is that Ozzie Albies or Willy Adames, who I mentioned in this week's 'cast, are still available, and I'd take them ahead of any July 2 player. Now, that said, it doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to the July 2 market, because after a year of doing this, and seeing the data from our league scrapes, I've become convinced that those are the prospects who return the most value. Draft them later, and find success. More to come!
Thanks - looking forward to it. Agree with most July 2 guys - but was thinking more specifically of Yadier Alvarez and potentially Eddy Julio Martinez if he signs given their advanced timelines.