I went to a cobbler to fix a hole in my shoe. He took one look at my face and I’ve got some guys to stash for you.

The Graduates: Rusney Castillo (1), Josh Hamilton (5), Jaime Garcia (6)

Another week of high-end graduations, led by yet another number one departing. Castillo was finally summoned when Shane Victorino proved what we all thought coming into the season—that he couldn’t cut it as the Red Sox regular right fielder. However, with just three singles in four games so far, Castillo has a ways to go to prove that he’s the better option. In time, I think Castillo cements himself into this job and flirts with double-digits in both homers and steals before the year is over, but patience is likely to be required, as he’s had an injury-laden start to the season.

The remaining two graduates are oft-injured players whose former fantasy selves dwarf their current incarnations. Hamilton is a complete wild card, who could find himself struggling to hit .200 with little semblance of his former power, or could get a second (third? fourth?) wind back in Texas and be a reasonable mixed league outfielder for the remainder of the season. On the other hand, Garcia is both much more of a lock to perform well while on the field, yet also much more of a lock to stay off the field. He’s struggled in the strikeout-to-walk department (pitting just eight of the former versus five of the latter in his first two starts), but that 63.2 percent ground ball rate is the bread and butter of his game. If he can get his control under control before he gets hurt again, he should be ownable in almost all mixed leagues for the time being.

The Dropouts: None

1) Hector Olivera, 2B/3B, Los Angeles Dodgers (Last week: 3)

With Juan Uribe shipped off to Atlanta, Olivera now has a direct route to playing time if he proves to be the player the Dodgers thought they were getting when they signed him to a $62.5 million deal earlier this month. He could be in Los Angeles as soon as the second half of June, and should find himself with multi-eligibility from the jump—which never hurts. It seems unlikely that Justin Turner or Alex Guerrero will be able to hold off a healthy Olivera at the hot corner for long.

2) Andrew Heaney, LHP, Los Angeles Angels (Last week: 2)

Another boring week here for Heaney, who pitched very well again in his most recent outing, giving him a 3.02 ERA across nine starts in the Pacific Coast League now. Unfortunately, without an opening in the Angels’ rotation, in the Pacific Coast League he remains.

3) Patrick Corbin, LHP, Arizona Diamondbacks (Last week: 4)

It was a light week for the rehabbing southpaw, as he is taking a brief hiatus from his comeback due to ordinary soreness. Right now, it is looking more and more like a second half of June return is a realistic outcome—not next week, as the Diamondbacks originally predicted.

4) Carlos Correa, SS, Houston Astros (Last week: 7)

There’s little question that Correa is the best shortstop currently in the Houston organization, it’s just a matter of when the call comes. He’s 20 years old, and is now hitting .350/.423/.650 across both the Double-A and Triple-A level this year, including an .853 OPS since his latest promotion. This is exactly what we mean when we talk about prospects forcing the issue.

5) Jonathan Singleton, 1B, Houston Astros (Last week: 10)

Speaking of forcing the issue with the Astros, Singleton is doing his best to do that as well. His .997 OPS looks far better than the .610 OPS that Chris Carter has put up so far this season. In fact, even Singleton’s .620 OPS from last year looks better than that.

6) Eduardo Rodriguez, LHP, Boston Red Sox (Last week: 23)

Everything you need to know about Rodriguez is in today’s Call Up. So you should read that (after you finish reading the Stash List, of course). In brief, he’s up for one start now, but I’d expect that number to be much higher by season’s end, given the current state of Boston’s rotation.

7) Carson Smith, RHP, Seattle Mariners (Last week: NR)

The big jumper this week is Smith, as he continues to dominate in a set up role and Fernando Rodney continues to perform as though his #tilt is covering his eyes. This may be more of a slow burn than some are anticipating, as the Mariners may not rush to strip Rodney of closing duties, but there’s a good chance Smith is closing by the end of June.

8) Javier Baez, 2B/SS, Chicago Cubs (Last week: 16)

The good Baez has now been on display in Iowa for nearly a month now, and if Addison Russell wasn’t taking well to the second base job in Chicago, we might see a promotion soon. Of course, we still might, but Baez has been splitting time almost evenly between shortstop and second base this year, and neither of those positions is vacant right now. In the long run, moving someone to third base and Kris Bryant to the outfield may be the approach, but don’t expect that any time soon.

9) Raisel Iglesias, RHP, Cincinnati Reds (Last week: 8)

Is he in the rotation or out of the rotation? Is Johnny Cueto going to make his start this weekend? Many unanswered questions in Cincinnati, but from a talent standpoint, Iglesias is one of the Reds’ five best starters right now—and I think that sorts itself out in time.

10) Kevin Gausman, RHP, Baltimore Orioles (Last week: 9)

Next up for Gausman, as he tries to return to the Orioles’ rotation, is a simulated game on June 2. A rehab assignment will follow, and he could be ready to roll as soon as three weeks from now. Unfortunately, Mike Wright (seemingly his competition for a job) has gotten off to a great start in his brief career, so this brings yet another obstacle into the fold.

11) Jake Lamb, 3B, Arizona Diamondbacks (Last week: 11)

Maybe the Diamondbacks should stop giving return dates for their players. Lamb was scheduled to return around June 1, but just played in his first extended spring game last night—and given the way Yasmany Tomas has been hitting, they’ll likely give him a few extra games on his rehab assignment to make sure he’s fully ready to go. Tomas may be a brutal defender, but he’s hitting .345 and is not going back to the bench.

12) Oswaldo Arcia, OF, Minnesota Twins (Last week: 13)

Currently on rehab, and seemingly always on rehab, Arcia is likely to return to the Twins next week—and boy do they need him, despite what their record might say. If he can keep his strikeouts more under control and retain the power, Arcia could be an option in all-sized mixed leagues, but he’s proven to be a poor bet to sustain both good performance and health.

13) Rougned Odor, 2B, Texas Rangers (Last week: 16)

14) Corey Seager, SS, Los Angeles Dodgers (Last week: 14)

The Uribe trade doesn’t help Seager much in the short term, as Olivera seems poised to get the first shot at that third base job. However, if July rolls around and the Dodgers are still searching for an answer at the hot corner, Seager and his .893 OPS between Double-A and Triple-A should be a good fallback option to have.

15) Daniel Norris, LHP, Toronto Blue Jays (Last week: 19)

In his five starts since being demoted, Norris has good overall numbers (3.18 ERA and 27 strikeouts in 28 1/3 innings), but his struggles with the free pass (17 in that stretch) may be what keeps him in Triple-A longer than originally expected. That said, it would be a huge surprise if he were still in the minors at the end of June.

16) Dalton Pompey, OF, Toronto Blue Jays (Last week: 12)

17) Matt Moore, LHP, Tampa Bay Rays (Last week: 15)

18) Steven Matz, LHP, New York Mets (Last week: 21)

In almost any other organization, Matz would be a top-five name on this list; however, the Mets are going to have to get creative just to keep Noah Syndergaard in Queens, let alone make room for their next high-end pitching prospect.

19) Brandon Morrow, RHP, San Diego Padres (Last week: 18)

20) Francisco Lindor, SS, Cleveland Indians (Last week: 24)

21) Marco Gonzales, LHP, St Louis Cardinals (Last week: 20)

22) Ivan Nova, RHP, New York Yankees (Last week: 25)

The way Chris Capuano has pitched thus far, the Yankees are likely counting the days until Nova can return—though it looks to be at least four weeks away. I strongly prefer more consistent pre-surgery performers when speculating on post-Tommy John candidates, but Nova is at least closer than some of those contemporaries, and that shouldn’t be understated.

23) Roberto Osuna, RHP, Toronto Blue Jays (Last week: NR)

He’s clearly the best reliever in their bullpen right now, so why not speculate given the lack of a reliable ninth inning option?

24) Sean Nolin, LHP, Oakland Athletics (Last week: 22)

25) Stephen Piscotty, OF, St Louis Cardinals (Last week: 23)

Honorable Mention: Kris Medlen, A.J. Griffin, Jose Peraza, Rafael Soriano, Josh Johnson

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Is the underlying assumption that Jose Fernandez is already rostered in the majority of leagues and not eligible for this list? Even so, can you give a quick update for those of us who have been waiting patiently for his return?
Stash list includes: Major Leaguers on the DL: anyone current on the disabled list that is owned in fewer than 25 percent of leagues.
He'll likely be back in early July and he'll likely be pretty awesome because he's Jose Fernandez. More specifically, extended spring next week for a few starts, then likely a 4-start rehab stint. Can't imagine the Marlins want to rush him back.
This is always a great feature. Thanks!
Bret, I'm having trouble gauging Carlos Correa's value for this year. How would you compare Correa to say Jhonny Peralta or Alexei Ramirez the ROS once he gets called up? Thanks
Poor, poor Jhonny Peralta. Never gets any respect. I'd have Correa behind both, and I think expectations for him should be somewhat in line with what Addison Russell has done so far, with possibly a little more upside across the board (but not a ton--he's still super young).
What about Petit on SF?
The steps backwards in his strikeout and walk rates, along with the full rotation ahead of him, leave me very tepid on his mixed league value this year. He just needs to be so good with his command, given his pedestrian stuff.
No Buxton on the list? He should be up in second half no?
With the elbow concerns, thought Olivera more likely a 2B than 3B. However, with the trade of Uribe, looks like the Dodgers not worried about the elbow at all.
Pending the outcome of the MRI, do you think Sean Nolin gets the call if Kazmir has a long-term DL stint? Thanks..
Thoughts on Kyle Schwarber? Some stirring that Maddon is interested in using him this season.
What about TJ House as a stash? He's done well since returning from injury and nobody expects Sean Marcum to hold the 5th starter job.
Any chance Isaac Manzo gets called up this year?
ROS: Corbin, Verlander or Moore? Thoughts?