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Have you ever wondered why Scoresheet drafts are slow affairs, paced out over the course of a month? Wonder no more, as the Outcomes take you through the draft of one of Scoresheet's flagship leagues, BL DwMurphy. This league, now in its 19th year, has a few special rules—there are only eight optional keepers, there is only one minor-league protection spot, everyone is eligible for the draft (meaning you, me, and your favorite Cuban/Japanese/college sleeper), and, oh yeah, the draft takes place live over one day. You can visit Brian Dewberry-Jones' lovingly maintained DwMurphy page for a complete history, and to meet some of the illustrious present and past participants.

Clocking in at a healthy 9 1/2 hours, more than 700 players were drafted in this deep, grueling league. Traditionally, drafts take place in person, in San Francisco, but the Outcomes discuss their draft from a remote setup in bucolic Michigan, as they slowly descend into madness. Along the way, they provide insight on building a team and achieving goals, interview a competitor, and try to keep their spirits high. For those who love to follow along, final rosters are now available on the Scoresheet DwMurphy League page. The Outcomes ask you: how did we—er, we mean, they—do?

The Podcast:

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Thanks for not making fun of my picks. I assume you edited judiciously.
Next week, my team will be the "Smart Jerks". I finally gotten the draft results up:
Thanks! It looks like some of the links may have disappeared in transition to the, visit Brian's site! It's an amazing repository of fantasy baseball lore, with some names that even you, the relative stranger, may recognize!
It's fun after a live draft to look back at who was left undrafted. Usually there's somebody who somebody thinks they could'v used but just couldn't get to. So after carefully skimming only the 840 most elite MLB (or maybe someday MLB) players, who are the guys we overlooked? Best I can find who made opening day are Deduno, Featherston and Carlos Sanchez. (We drafted both Rutledge and Grant Green but these were the wrong Angels in the infield.) Luckily, we get early supps to fix these blatant oversights. And barring injury or roster change, those guys will get snapped up quickly ... but note as quickly as Sandy Leon - a guy cut by the Braves - because a #2 Catcher is gold. (In fairness to us, I can't count Leon as an oversight since the C.Vazquez injury came during draft day and there was no predicting what the BoSox would do.)
Much of the fun of this deep of a league is better recognition of the value of guys who are barely good enough to make a MLB roster. In reality, such talents are hard to find.