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Question: I'm in a 30-team league with unlimited minors. In a league this size, it is impossible to compete every year, and I missed my window and am rebuilding. Iwakuma is my last viable asset left, as I have developed a pretty substantial minor-league team. The offer for 2 years of Iwakuma is Clayton Blackburn (SF), Erasmo Ramirez (SEA), and 4 of the next 5 guys: Donovan Solano (MIA), Carlos Sanchez (CWS), Max Kepler (MIN), Roger Kieschnick (SF), and Robbie Erlin (SD). I would keep them all for their first 6 years in the majors. Can I do better or is this a pretty awesome return? (As a comparison, I offered 2 years of Iwakuma for 6 of Billy Hamilton and was turned down).

Answer: You should be able to do better than that with Iwakuma right now. Aim for fewer players and get a couple closer to the bigs.

Question: I took over a team in a 16-team h2h categories keeper league. K's and OPS for offense and holds and HR given up for pitching are the extra categories.12 majors keepers and 4 minor-league keepers with no cost to keep. I'm rebuilding and was offered a deal that is taking me longer to decide on than probably necessary. I give Sandoval, Michael Morse and Frieri. I get Brett Lawrie, Logan Morrison and Brandon Beachy. I just feel like on giving up on Morse too soon and possibly having too much faith in Lawrie's potential coming into fruition. Beachy would be a huge plus though on my weak pitching staff.

Answer: That's not a bad deal for a rebuild, but I'm wondering if your pieces can't get a bit more. Lawrie & LoMo are still young enough that it's impossible to declare them busts, but they've certainly not inspired much confidence of late. I like Beachy because he can go through his growing pains in the second half of this year and then turn it on next year.

Question: Just lost Tulo, so I need to upgrade my offense with a run-producing bat. Which if any of these deals do you like:

1. Fister and Marte for Bruce (deal offered to me)
2. Fister and Marte for Cespedes (potential counteroffer)
3. Fister and Marte for Bruce and Morales (potential counteroffer)

I've included additional information about the league below for context, but feel free to gloss over it, as I know you're both extremely busy. Thanks for your feedback, and I look forward to another outstanding podcast to get me through the work week.

* 14 team H2H mixed league with 9 starting bats, 7 pitchers (10 minimum innings per week no max innings.)

Answer: That first trade is the best one for you, followed by the last one. Good luck!

Question: 5 x 5 (OBP), 14-team mixed league question… Rank the following ROS middle infielder: Drew, Rutledge or Forsythe.

Answer: I think I'd flip ‘em. Jason and I both liked Forsythe coming into the season. There's little space between the three, however they're ranked.

Question: I own Alex Gordon and am getting concerned about his month-long slump. I have 3 OF positions & 2 UTIL slots in my daily league. Lately, Gordon has been benched among those 5 slots in favor of Matt Holliday, Carlos Beltran, Yasiel Puig, Coco Crisp, Adam Lind, and Josh Willingham. Should I try to trade Gordon, or do you think he'll turn it around and be better than any of these guys?

Answer: It's a low point to trade him. I'm a big fan, but the slump is annoying. Stick with him.

Question: Justin Upton for Julio Teheran. I have Teheran. H2H league. NL and AL. Standard scoring

Answer: Act like a tennis shoe and just do it.

Question: 12-team h2h mixed keeper (dynasty-salary cap) league… I have both Braun and Upton. I love Upton, stashed him when he was in the minors hoping for the next Griffey, and that’s obviously not happening. Braun's issues are well-documented. I am currently in first. Would you guys pull the trigger on trading either struggling OF? If so, any names? Thought about Braun for Davis, but that trade scares me. Davis falling off a cliff in the second half like Hamilton last year is a concern.

Answer: If you're worried, Davis isn't a bad get. Try Carlos Gomez. Any non-first rounder is going to be scary, but if you're trading these guys away, then you deem their risk to be scarier.

Question: I was able to deal Yasiel Puig and Andrew Cashner for Manny Machado and Doug Fister. How did I do?

Answer: That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

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I'm going to have to incorporate "Act like a tennis shoe and just do it" into my daily life now.

And I can't believe you passed on "That'll do, Puig. That'll do." Yasiel Puig puns = never not funny.
I must be missing something. How can it be better to trade Fister and Marte for Bruce than it would be to trade Fister and Marte for Bruce and Morales?

To make things worse, I wouldn't do either trade (perhaps because I overvalue Fister and Marte).

Wow..a reference from "The Replacements"...That'll do pig....that'll do.
Isn't that line from "Babe"?