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Question: ​I'm in a weekly HTH points league in which batting points are given for total TB, R, RBI, and BB, minus KO, and pitching points are awarded for W (5), QS (5), INN (.5), and K (1), minus ER (-1). ​I've been offered Matt Harvey and Cespedes if I give Pedroia. My OF is Aoki, Choo, and Heyward, and I play V. Wells and Hunter at U. I've got Werth on my bench. ​I'd need a 2B player, and Kelly Johnson is available on waivers. I'd probably drop Werth to pick up Johnson. What do you think of this trade?

Answer: If you can get Johnson, that becomes a nice 3-for-1 for you. He is playing very well, can be used in multiple places, and should put up better final numbers.

Question: Hey guys, if you could get B.J. Upton for Mike Moustakas (I have Miggy and Donaldson), would you give it a shot? It is a keeper league, but I'm not optimistic on Moose.

Answer: Those are two troubled hitters right now. I would rather have Upton. Although he is streaky, he is someone who can still run when he is struggling to get on base

Question: When Price returns (relatively quickly?) should we expect Cy Young Award winner Price? I was offered Price for Bruce. I need the pitching help and lead the league in HRs so far. Thoughts? 12-team mixed Roto.

Answer: You appear to be taking on more risk in this deal. There are no signs of any more trouble for Price, but he is still the riskier asset in this transaction.

Question: I'm fielding offers for Shin-Soo Choo right now. Got offered Melky Cabrera/Michael Bourn for Choo. My team is killing it in AVG/OBP/OPS, but lacking in R/RBI, not that either of those two players add a whole lot in the RBI department. My other OF are Beltran, Fowler, Stanton, Aoki, McLouth, and Wil Myers. I'd rather try to include Choo in a sell-high deal for an underperforming stud (Kemp?) than for 2 more good value guys. Thoughts?

Answer: I would keep shopping. You need to get a premium run producer for Choo

Question: I am in a generic 5×5 roto with lineups set weekly on Yahoo. I have been offered Votto, Bruce, Stanton, and Cueto for Rizzo, Kemp, Granderson, and Cain. My outfielders are Braun, Kemp, Granderson, and Swisher, so I unfortunately have to bench Swisher every week and thought I could wait for Stanton if I did not lose too much in the other areas. I was hesitant at first because I love Cain, but he sucked again last night. He also has Liriano or E. Santana, so maybe I can ask him to throw one of them in.

Answer: That's not a bad offer. See if he'll throw one of the SPs, but even if not, I think it's a solid deal.

Question: Was looking for something to read and even better, Episode 45 is up. Downloading now. Thanks. Real reason, I have three DL spots and own Price, D. Hudson, Pineda and Anderson. 16-team mixer, 35-man roster. Is keeping Pineda over Anderson crazy?

Answer: It is not crazy. The reports on Pineda have been good so far, while Anderson continues to struggle to stay healthy. I think it is worth the risk.

Question: Looking for some advice heading into this next week in my 11-team/weekly lineup/mixed league. A rare week where I have NO two-start pitchers. A.J. Burnett @Mil, Yu vs. Oak, Liriano vs, Chi C, CC @TB, Shark @Pit, Hellickson @Tor, De La Rosa vs. Az, EJax @Pit, Straily @Tex, Jurrjens @Tor, Capuano vs. Stl, Gausman… and R. Soriano.

Liriano vs. Samardzija (good numbers lifetime vs)… I'm thinking Yu, CC, Burnett, and either Shark or Liriano and go with two closers this week. Does that seem like the right move to make this week? Or Correia is on the wire if I’m looking for a two-start guy. Paul has him in the consider category this week, mainly necause it's a thin week. We play for a little cash each week as well.

Answer: That seems like a good idea. Shark at PIT is a no-brainer. Don't waste your time with Correia as a two-start guy if you've got one-start guys who are that solid.

Question: I'm in a 10-team keeper league. 6×6 cats (OPS and K/BB. We can keep four at their auction price; FAs are kept at $1. I don't have great keepers value-wise because I overpaid on offense (on purpose, in order to win in our head-to-head playoffs). Profar could sneak into my lineup by outplaying Altuve.

I have $85 FAAB left, the average left is $106. Zero dollar bids are allowed, so my current SP streaming strategy should still be safe. How much should I spend on Mr. Profar?

Answer: All signs point to this being a two-week stint. Once Kinsler returns, there is no clear path to playing time for him.

Question: Do any of these NL relief pitchers jump out at you? Justin Wilson, Santiago Casilla (don't mind waiting through his cyst issue if he is best option), John Axford,  Mike Adams (also on DL presently), and Wilton Lopez.

I am looking for holds and the best available ERA, WHIP, and K help. Thank you, as always, for your input.

Answer: Wilson is the best flyer in that group. The rest are too risky or too injured at the moment.

Question: I’m currently in second place in my dynasty league. I was offered Trout for Machado and Tavares. Do I have to get Trout at all costs, or will I regret this in the long run? I have a stacked outfield and will have to replace Manny with Scutaro, but Trout for the next 72 years sounds nice. I declined the deal. Personally I feel it’s too much. I do overvalue prospects. I’m a confused man. Help, please.

Answer: You cannot pull that trigger. Trout is playing out of his mind, but Machado and Taveras have the potential to be a deadly fantasy duo for years to come. I am normally a fan of Flags Fly Forever, but I cannot approve this deal. 

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I think you gave bad advice on the Trout deal.

Trout had a 963 OPS last year and has shown a similar OPS in the smallish sample size 2013 numbers.

Machado has 100 points less OPS with less major league sample size to prove it out.

From a Fantasy prospective, Trout provides more HRs and SBs per plate appearance.

Taveras doesn't really steal bases and has never seen major league pitching. AAA OPS: 831, 130 points less than Trout's major league OPS.

When making trades, take the side with the best player.