In preparation for BP articles and various fantasy drafts, I have been using average values for the five standard roto categories for each position in order to get a read on what should be expected from each position and each category going into the 2011 season. I figured I'd share that data with BP readers as a quick resource for comparison, especially with PECOTA projections.

These averages were calculated using 2008 to 2010 MLB data weighted 5/4/3, with the most recent season weighted the heaviest. They are intended as a simple projection for the 2011 season. All averages for counting stats were given per 600 PA, with the exception of catcher, which is given per 500 PA (seems more appropriate given the playing time catchers usually receive). In addition to the five standard roto categories, OBP, SLG, and OPS were provided. Each category was calculated using data from the pool of all major league players, not necessarily players who were fantasy league worthy only. As a result, these numbers should be lower than the averages you would see in a typical mixed league and should be bumped up accordingly. Use this is a guideline for comparison, not a steadfast rule.

I am currently working on averages based on players from 2008 to 2010 who qualified for the batting title and averages based on PECOTA projections for players whom the Depth Charts have qualifiying for the batting title in 2011. Both of these changes would assist in providing a more accurate fantasy-relevant reference for averages.

Here's the spreadsheet. I hope this assists you during your fantasy drafting season.