[UPDATE 2-24 5:08 EST] My starting pitcher rankings (which are publishing on the site tomorrow) were just added to the PFM.

One of the questions I see the most this time of year is some variation of, "Will we see a combined list for your outfielder rankings?" The combined list surfaces sometime after I complete the individual lists–which are written the way they are not because more leagues use left, center and right field designations, but because writing up 120-130 players worth of comments in one sitting is tedious for both the reader and the writer. 

Thanks to some surgery performed on the Player Forecast Manager by Ben Murphy and Rob McQuown, though, we have a way for you to access a combined list of outfielder rankings, as well as any of the previously published rankings from this season. 

Head into the PFM either through the fantasy landing page or its personal URL of, and you'll notice a bunch of settings you can tinker with. One of these settings in the "Configurations Options" section, under "Display", is "Show Expert Rankings". You now have the option to display the rankings of any players I rated within the PFM output, just like you could with statistics, plate appearances or dollar values:

This will allow you to see what both the PFM and I think about a player, without having to switch back and forth between tabs on draft day–for example, you could think, "Hmm, the PFM has Kila Ka'aihue rated pretty high–oh, Marc is more on my page" or "I don't understand why Marc is so down on Carlos Lee, but the PFM has a bit more faith in him." You can also export the PFM output to a spreadsheet with one of the buttons above the output, which will allow you to further sort and customize. 

What this also allows you to do is sort by rankings, rather than by dollar value, which is the default setting for the PFM. Clicking on the "Rankings" tab seen in the image above will rank by tier, from best (Tier 5) to worst (Tier 1). If you filter position by "OF", voila, combined outfielder rankings that you can keep on the web or export to a spreadsheet.

Just a reminder–both my rankings and the Player Forecast Manager require a fantasy or premium subscription with Baseball Prospectus. I hope this tool helps you out on draft day, and we will have both the full fantasy rankings and their PFM versions loaded up before this week is over, so keep checking back for more.

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Question: Would it be possible to integrate an "average ranking feature" in to PFM? The problem is people like Dan Haren are going top 20 on PFM, yet the aren't even top 50 on Yahoo ranks....
Integrating average draft position is a feature that we have gotten requests to add to PFM and is something we are currently investigating. We appreciate the feedback and knowing that customers would value this feature will help us prioritize it appropriately. Thanks for using PFM!
any chance that UPSIDE will be ready sometime soon?
Thanks Ben.
Funny, the ad at the top of my page is for Hawaiian airlines. Is your ad mechanism smart enough to read Ka'aihue and translate that into solicitation? They are a tier 3 airline in my opinion.
What a great series and service. I have high expectations for this year. Hopefully I don't screw it up.
When I do this, the ordering within the tiers doesn't seem to be reflective of your tier ordering in the articles. Is that a product of my other PFM settings, or is that order unavoidably random?
They are listed by tier in the PFM, not ordered within the tiers. The differences are pretty slight within tiers though--that's why they are in the same tier.