We've undergone many changes this season in terms of what we provide to those readers with a fantasy subscription, but with the end of the (fantasy) season coming up relatively soon, we wanted to pick your brains to see what it is you would like to see from us. In just a few weeks, head-to-head leagues will move to the playoffs, and in many cases, more teams in roto leagues are out of contention than are in it. There are more of you thinking about your 2011 fantasy teams than your 2010 ones because of this, so we want to make sure we strike a proper balance with coverage for both. We have the whole offseason to talk about 2011 plans in detail, but getting a head start on that now wouldn't hurt.

What has worked for you this season? What should we be doing more of? Less of? Do you want more list-based pieces from myself, or should I stick to covering a few players in detail at a time (or a mix of both!). We're still trying to work out how we can get a mailbag (one of the earlier wants from both myself and readers) to work–because we've been so active in the comments, it seems as if requests for help via e-mail have been more limited in the past, reserved for the occasions where a reader has a problem very specific to their own context (or a case they don't want divulged publicly because their league mates also read the site). We're thinking of ways to utilize that knowledge of a preference for comments into something that works like a mailbag that would be present on the site, but gauging your own interest in this is important as well. It's more content for you, and we're directly answering your questions, making it a win for everyone involved.

Besides that, I'll mention a few things I've been considering. Once again I want to go through my preseason rankings to see where my thought process was spot on and where it could use some work, with the point, of course, to be working towards improving the 2011 rankings in the same way I feel the 2010 ones were superior to 2009. I'm also considering a fantasy team blog series where I chronicle one of my team's seasons from start to finish, and maybe even run the team with a little crowd sourced help rather than doing it on my own. I have more I'm considering than just those things, but I would like to hear what you have to say.

Use this thread to tell us what's on your mind, and we'll do our best to implement some of these ideas into our last two months of coverage for the 2010 fantasy season. As always, thank you for reading.