Last Updated: May 25, 2018

Baseball Prospectus believes in being transparent about how we collect and use data, including personal information, related to you. Personal information includes any information that is related or linkable to an identified individual, either directly or indirectly. This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) describes how and when Baseball Prospectus uses cookies and other technologies when you visit our websites (“Sites”).

What are cookies?
Cookies are small packets of data that are used by websites you visit to save information, identify users and/or devices and track user activity which is then stored on your device(s).

What types of data do cookies collect?
The types of data cookies collect depends on the category. Not all cookies collect all types of data; it varies site to site and cookie to cookie. For example, cookies might collect and store information about your web sessions, online browsing activities, browser settings and preferences, and information to identify users and devices over time to help you access and manage the site faster and so the site may operate more efficiently. This is not an exhaustive list, but gives you an idea to better understand the information involved.

How does Baseball Prospectus use cookies?
We use cookies to improve your experience on the Site and to facilitate its functionality.

What is the purpose of the types of cookies Baseball Prospectus uses?

Category of Cookie Description
Security & Authentication
  • Cookies strictly necessary to provide Site services and functions:
  • For example, improving the safety and security of our Site and authenticating users.
Preferences & Features
  • Cookies that store previous selections you made to provide a more personalized experience:
  • For example, redirecting to a mobile version of the Site when you are browsing with a smartphone.
Performance, Analytics & Research
  • Cookies collect information about how you use our Site:
  • For example, identifying the pages you visit within our Site, compiling statistics on how our Site is used and identifying any errors users experience.
  • Cookies advertise on other websites you may visit using your activity on our Site to serve advertisements to you on other, non-Percona websites.
  • For example: a third party may place a unique ad-serving cookie on your device to use technical information about your browser and activity on our Site.

Does Baseball Prospectus use third-party cookies?
In addition to the cookies set by Baseball Prospectus, cookies may also be set by a number of third parties. Neither this Policy nor our Privacy Policy cover these third parties.

Please note: Baseball Prospectus does not control the use of these third-party embedded cookies nor is Baseball Prospectus technically able to access these cookies because they can only be accessed by the party who originally set them. Baseball Prospectus uses third-party cookies for the function of collecting user data for products, services, functions and communications.

How are cookies used for advertising?
Baseball Prospectus may use cookies and other technologies to provide interest-based advertisements and how the Site is used.

How do I control cookies? Can I disable cookies?
You may control cookies through your browser setting preferences. For more information on how to customize your browser settings, please see “How do I customize my browser settings?”, below. You can configure most browser settings to block all cookies except cookies that serve solely to transmit communications or are essential to provide an online service you requested, such as reminding you what is in your basket or cart on an e-commerce platform. However, you should note that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of the Site and disable any customized content.

“Do Not Track”
You may configure your browser’s privacy settings regarding “do not track” instructions. However, at this time, our Site does not generally recognize automated browser signals regarding tracking mechanisms.

How do I customize my browser settings?
Browser manufacturers provide help pages relating to cookie management in their products. Please see below for more information.

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Safari (Desktop)
Safari (Mobile)
For other browsers, please consult the documentation that your browser manufacturer provides.

General Inquiries
For general inquiries, please send us your question and someone will contact you.