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Transactions for June 15, 2014

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6/15/14 Colorado Rockies signed SS Max George.
6/15/14 Arizona Diamondbacks signed C Michael Branigan.
6/15/14 Chicago White Sox signed CF Chevy Clarke.
6/15/14 Chicago White Sox signed Zachary Fish.
6/15/14 Arizona Diamondbacks signed P Cody Clark.
6/15/14 Chicago White Sox signed SS Ryan Leonards.
6/15/14 Arizona Diamondbacks signed SS Isan Diaz.
6/15/14 Colorado Rockies signed CF Wes Rogers.
6/15/14 Houston Astros signed 3B Anardo Peralta.
6/15/14 Houston Astros signed LF Jose Benjamin.
6/15/14 Arizona Diamondbacks signed OF Marcus Wilson.
6/15/14 Arizona Diamondbacks signed RF Gerard Hernandez.
6/15/14 Baltimore Orioles signed RF Riley Palmer.
6/15/14 Baltimore Orioles signed LF Jamill Moquete.
6/15/14 Texas Rangers signed P Darrell Hunter.
6/15/14 Toronto Blue Jays signed Austin Davis.
6/15/14 Los Angeles Dodgers signed P Harlan Richter.
6/15/14 Miami Marlins signed 3B Brian Schales.
6/15/14 Texas Rangers signed Wesley Benjamin.
6/15/14 Atlanta Braves signed P Dylan Stuart.
6/15/14 Arizona Diamondbacks signed P Tyler Bolton.
6/15/14 Baltimore Orioles signed LF Tad Gold.
6/15/14 Arizona Diamondbacks signed 2B Mike Abreu.
6/15/14 Arizona Diamondbacks signed P Kevin Simmons.
6/15/14 Arizona Diamondbacks signed Larry Pardo.
6/15/14 Arizona Diamondbacks signed P Holden Helmink.
6/15/14 Minnesota Twins placed 3B Trevor Plouffe on the 15-day disabled list (Inflammation between the ninth rib and the costal cartilage on the left side).

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