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Transactions for November 12, 2013

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11/12/13 2B Mark DeRosa announced his retirement.
11/12/13 Detroit Tigers signed 2B Keyder Aristigueta.
11/12/13 Oakland Athletics signed P Ruber Aquino.
11/12/13 Oakland Athletics signed P Alexander Calderon.
11/12/13 Oakland Athletics signed P Enmanuel Sullivan.
11/12/13 Philadelphia Phillies signed 2B Daniel Romero.
11/12/13 Chicago White Sox signed C Ylexander Villarroel.
11/12/13 Philadelphia Phillies signed RF Marlon Byrd. Analysis
11/12/13 Washington Nationals signed SS Josh Johnson.
11/12/13 Tampa Bay Rays signed P Eduar Quinonez.
11/12/13 Tampa Bay Rays signed P Albert Suarez.
11/12/13 New York Yankees signed 3B Zelous Wheeler.
11/12/13 Chicago Cubs signed C Eli Whiteside.
11/12/13 Washington Nationals signed P Carlos Acevedo.
11/12/13 Cincinnati Reds signed 1B Brayan Pena. Analysis
11/12/13 Philadelphia Phillies signed P Victor Sobil.

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