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What is in Wade Miley's heart? And what does that have to do with Dallas Keuchel?

It wasn’t all that long ago that Wade Miley was one of the least interesting pitchers in baseball. On the stat sheet, his results and peripherals conspired to paint the picture of a steadfast second-division fourth starter, a sacrifice at the altar of the 162-game season. On the mound, Miley hunches into an indistinct figure, wearing an unrepentant expression; the shuffling feet of a delivery almost like an afterthought, as if an invisible pitch clock reached zero. It’s a performance designed to be forgotten, a middling opening act for a headline band that never takes the stage.

This season has marked the culmination of a life’s work of being Wade Miley, the experience and the attrition. Little, out of hand, has changed: he still throws the same four pitches—fastball-slider-curve-change—the same amount of the time at the exact same speed. He still strikes out a few batters less than average, gives up a few too many hits. He should be able to keep his head barely above water forever like this, starting the fourth game of the regular season for the 2025 equivalent of the 2017 Padres. Only, Wade Miley has stopped being boring; he’s become interesting in the worst possible way. Wade Miley can’t throw strikes. Well, he can throw strikes. But he also can’t.

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The Red Sox pick up another late-inning arm at the expense of a reliable starting pitcher.

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September 14, 2015 10:06 am

BP Boston


Ryan Morrison

The Red Sox aren't going anywhere in 2015, but could late-season adjustments for Wade Miley help out next summer?

The Red Sox have some decent building blocks to work with as they head into another critical offseason with hopes of getting back in contention next summer. Jackie Bradley, Jr. emergence, Eduardo Rodriguez's adjustments, and Rick Porcello's resurgence are all positives that give hope for 2016. Add another to the list: Wade Miley's release point. At BP Boston, Ryan Morrison explains.

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July 21, 2015 11:00 am

BP Boston


Ryan Morrison

A deeper look at the numbers suggests one of the Red Sox offseason pitching acquisitions is doing better than assumed.

The Red Sox acquisition of Wade Miley was met with quite the varied response. A quick glance at the numbers suggest he hasn't been worth the price Boston paid to pry him from Arizona. However, a deeper look at things tells us a slightly different story. Miley has had to adjust to not facing pitchers in the American League, thus facing tougher hitters overall. But the fact is, he may be pitching better than many realize.

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April 29, 2014 6:00 am

What You Need to Know: Gray Matters


Daniel Rathman

Sonny Gray, the Brewers bullpen, and other Monday stars, plus what to watch today.

The Monday Takeaway
First innings have been a bear for Athletics ace Sonny Gray this season. Coming into his start at Globe Life Park on Monday, Gray had issued six walks and recorded four strikeouts in the opening frame of his first four starts; his K:BB ratio thereafter was a solid 27-to-7.

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The double GOTW pod is a success as the guys break down four different pitchers including their new favorite: Jose Fernandez.

Fernandez, Fernandez, Fernandez!!!

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August 7, 2013 7:19 am

Sporer Report: Seven Starting Pitchers on the Rise


Paul Sporer

Does your fantasy team need rotation help? These hurlers might provide a nice upgrade down the stretch.

Can you believe the season is four months old? As excited as I am to see how the races play out both in the MLB standings and in my fantasy leagues, I’m definitely a little bummed that we only have two months of regular seasons games left. Enough bellyaching, though, we have pennants to chase down.

We just finished another great month that saw all sorts of interesting performances, and I want to highlight seven pitchers who were particularly sharp during the month-plus*, as you may have missed their recent surges, especially if you are only looking at their season-long numbers. They need to be on your radar whether you’re entering the trade market or scanning the free-agent pool in a shallower league. They are ranked in order of how much I like them the rest of the way.

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