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How did our fantasy guru fare in his recent Tout Wars and LABR drafts?

This past weekend, I ventured into New York City for the annual Tout Wars draft. Earlier in the week, I was moved from the Tout Wars Mixed to the NL-only league, which means that I’d be a participant in the two highest-profile NL-only auction leagues for the 2012 season: Tout Wars and LABR (which I drafted at the beginning of the month). Since I didn’t get a chance to write up my LABR team, I thought it would be useful to show you how it compares with my Tout team, give some thoughts on the common threads between the two, and get your opinion on how my teams look.

You’ll find my rosters below (note that LABR uses 10 pitchers and six reserves, while Tout uses nine and four; additionally, Tout uses a “swingman” instead of a fifth outfielder, which can be filled by any hitter or pitcher):

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February 9, 2012 3:00 am

Resident Fantasy Genius: Enter Swingman


Derek Carty

The introduction of the swingman role to Tout Wars presents an interesting set of scenarios.

Earlier this week, Tout Wars made a couple of announcements for the upcoming fantasy season. First, I found out who my competitors would be in the Mixed League as the third and final lineup for Tout Weekend was set. Additionally, rule changes for 2012 were announced, and one of those changes is quite dramatic and unique.

Prefacing these rule changes, the Tout crew wrote:

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January 3, 2012 5:00 am

Fantasy Beat: Categories to Target on Draft Day


Jason Collette

A look at which stats are the easiest (and hardest) to find on the waiver wire in-season, helping to dictate draft day resource allocation

Draft day is the most ____ day of the year. How that blank is filled in depends on who you talk to. Responses can range anywhere from critical to overrated. Some walk into the draft room with a mini-Best Buy strapped on their shoulder as they set up a laptop, mouse, a tablet device, and a smartphone on the table for their makeshift draft center. Some roll into the draft room with a legal pad of paper and a periodical or three. Some role in with a pen, their bravado, and a six-pack of beer ready to show everyone how superior their baseball knowledge is to the rest of the room.

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July 14, 2011 1:00 pm

Resident Fantasy Genius: Mixed-League Mayhem


Derek Carty

Derek examines the differences between mixed leagues and AL/NL-only leagues through the lens of expert leagues Tout Wars, LABR, and CardRunners.

Over the past week, Jason Collette has been taking turns examining each of the three Tout Wars leagues: AL-only, NL-only, and mixed. Yesterday, he examined the mixed league, which I participate in. Unfortunately, I’m not having the best year, currently in 12th out of 15. Interestingly, though, I am third in two other high-profile expert leagues—LABR (the League of Alternate Baseball Reality) and CardRunners—priming myself for a run at the championship.

What I find particularly interesting is that LABR is an NL-only league and CardRunners is an AL-only league. Despite doing well in leagues that draw from either league pool, in the league that combines them, I’m flailing. I also struggled in Tout Mixed last year, finishing middle-of-the-pack, but I won a LABR NL championship the year before. What gives?

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July 1, 2011 6:56 am

Fantasy Beat: Tout Wars Halfway Point Update


Jason Collette

Jason examines the state of Tout Wars AL and suggests a course of action for owners who are falling out of contention.

Some teams played their 82nd game of the 2011 season last night, meaning we are now officially in the unofficial (but mathematically accurate) second half of the season since people seem to cling onto the All-Star Break being the equal divider between the two halves. The 14th of 26 fantasy scoring periods begins for most leagues this Monday, giving us just 12 scoring periods to make up ground in the standings in order to win the league. Yes, I said win because second place is still just the first loser as far as I am concerned.

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Derek drafts for two at this year's Tout Wars.

One of the staples of this website is the yearly Prospectus Today column in which Joe Sheehan discusses the expert fantasy leagues he participates in-the Rotowire Staff League and Tout Wars. Today, I find myself in the odd position of hijacking one of those discussions, mainly because of peculiar luck and a wonky wireless Internet connection. Last Friday, I was BP's on-site representative at the AL Tout Wars draft-yes, the one made famous by Sam Walker's bestseller, Fantasyland, as the ne plus ultra of fantasy leagues.

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March 21, 2003 12:00 am

BP Does Tout Wars


Jonah Keri and Nate Silver

What happens when Nate Silver's PECOTA system joins forces with Jonah Keri's boundless energy and Will Carroll's injury encyclopedia? You get a killer roto team...maybe. Read on to see how BP fared at this year's Tout Wars National League draft.

So when Jason Grey and the crew of mastersball.com asked me to join Tout Wars this season, I was torn. Having met Jason at Ron Shandler's Arizona Fall League Symposium in November and being a veteran of countless home roto leagues, I loved the idea.

But that still left one question: What was in it for BP? Sure, the draft offered a chance for some publicity. But holding Pizza Feeds, hosting Scoresheet drafts, and having Jeff Bower run out naked to the 50-yard line during halftime of the Super Bowl already offered great marketing opportunities.

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