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The tool for tracking the current top prospects, reviewing prospects from past seasons, and following your team tracker teams across all levels.

With the minor-league seasons winding down, many are turning their attention more and more to prospects—both those who are likely to get called up and those who are still a ways away. Prospect Tracker was announced early in 2012, and some new features were added last season to make it even more powerful.

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More tricks available using the most sophisticated stat-tracking tool available on the web.

On our ongoing guided tour of features and utilities available at Baseball Prospectus, we'll pick up where we left off in our Team Tracker walkthrough last week, with my NL-Only Yahoo roster having been quickly and easily entered into Team Tracker. Notice that the default display statistics are interesting, but perhaps not exactly what's needed for a given purpose—such as my Yahoo league, which uses Runs, RBI, SB, OBP, and SLG (instead of batting average and HR, giving two rate stats for batting, as there are for pitching). To see these different categories, simply click on "Change Display Statistics" while viewing a stats report (there are different stats displayed—separately selectable—for projections). This brings up a page where various stats can be selected or deselected for either batters or pitchers:

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A guided tour of the most sophisticated stat-tracking tool available on the web.

The Baseball Prospectus Team Tracker is the most sophisticated stat-tracking tool available on the web. But that doesn't mean it has to be complicated to use. Starting at the beginning, when you click on the Team Tracker page for the very first time, an empty report is presented to you, as such:

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You can now receive emails for your Team Tracker teams when your players are mentioned in Daily Roundup.

As regular Team Tracker users know, you can get email notifications when we at Baseball Prospectus write about your players. But often people just want to see what's going on with their teams recently, and that's where Daily Roundup comes in! Whenever your players are mentioned in the Daily Roundup post for the day, you'll get an email if you choose this new option. 

To use this functionality, simply pull up your Team Tracker team list by clicking on "Edit Teams," and then select "Daily Roundup Only" from the pulldown to the right of the team you want. For example:

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