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August 30, 2015 6:00 am

Ducks on the Pond: That Pitch Doesn't Look Familia


Chris Mosch

Jeurys Familia has added a weapon to his arsenal.

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Unraveling the secret of an unusual pitch.

Jeff Samardzija has become one of my favorite pitchers. But for a few years, he was a thorn in my side. Okay, maybe more like two thorns.

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Clay Buchholz is known for throwing a nasty changeup, but he's added a new off-speed pitch to his arsenal in 2012.

Clay Buchholz has added a splitter this year to go with his well-known (and devastating) changeup. We first noticed this back when he was throwing one or two per game, but now it’s not unusual to see him throw a nice cluster of splitters in each start. A comparison between his pre-splitter and post-splitter pitch graphs is shown below:

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December 9, 2010 9:00 am

Spinning Yarn: The Forkball


Mike Fast

What are some of the distinguishing characters of one of baseball's most unknown pitches?

Forkball pitchers are a rare breed, perhaps even rarer than the elusive knuckleballer.

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A new season brings a new batch of PITCHf/x data from which to learn.

"With me, being a hard thrower ... no matter what, they're defending that heater, man. So the more confidence I have to throw that [changeup] in any count, I'm going to throw it. I'm just going to. I don't care anymore. It's going to help me and I realize that."
--A.J. Burnett on his pitch selection. PITCHf/x has confidence in his fastball as well.

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The Braves pulled out a squeaker in a matchup of a veteran starter and a young pitcher making his second major-league start.

Astros CF Willy Taveras 2B Eric Bruntlett 3B Morgan Ensberg LF Mike Lamb 1B Jose Vizcaino RF Jason Lane SS Adam Everett C Raul Chavez P Ezequiel Astacio If I gave you no other information, what would you deduce from that lineup?

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