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BP's big news steals baseball's thunder on Opening Day.

BP World Hindquarters -- The bloggers are coming! The bloggers are coming!

Baseball Prospectus CEO Joe Hamrahi has confirmed that the entirety of the staff of Baseball Prospectus, a “web log” or “blog” website from the internet on which amateurs post articles which reduce baseball to a series of mathematical equations, has been hired by a team in Major League Baseball. “It’s kind of a weird day here at BP,” said Hamrahi. “They really wanted to get fully on board with the recent move toward analytics in baseball, and figured that instead of putting together a department, they’d just hire us.”

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Ben and Sam discuss the fallout from the Ryan Dempster debacle and a fascinating factoid about the Phillies' staff.

Effectively Wild Episode 6: "Doorbell"

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