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May 21, 2013 5:00 am

Transaction Analysis: Sipping on 'Gnac


R.J. Anderson

The Angels claim a much-needed utility infielder from the Yankees, who acquire a much-needed utility infielder from the Rockies, who don't do anything.

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April 18, 2013 8:00 am

Daily Roundup: Around the League: April 18, 2013


Clint Chisam

News and notes from around the league for April 18, 2013.

Thanks to Jason Martinez and Clint Chisam of MLB Depth Charts, we'll now be bringing you daily news, notes, transactions, injury updates, and notable performances from the previous day's games...throughout the entire season! And if you like what you see here, don't forget to check out MLBDC's Insider subscription, which also includes starting pitcher rankings and matchups, top 25 batter vs. pitcher stat rankings, lineup tracker (includes lineups from past seven games), rotation report, stat tracker, and more! 

Probable Pitchers for April 18, 2013

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November 7, 2012 5:00 am

Transaction Analysis: Rays Go Longish on a Reliever


R.J. Anderson

The Rays re-up Joel Peralta, the Mariners pick up Scott Cousins

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Buster Posey was injured one year ago, but hits like Scott Cousins' are less celebrated than they were three decades ago.

It was a year ago today that Scott Cousins ran over Buster Posey. That was such an obnoxious thing, I'm sure we can all agree. Support collisions fine, don't support collisions fine, but we can all support Buster Posey and bipedal locomotion. 

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December 21, 2011 1:05 pm

Fantasy Beat: How Profitable Are Dollar Players?


Jason Collette

A look at the kind of investment $1 players are in fantasy league.

Dollar days in a fantasy auction are a true melting pot of individuals. They include the young, the old, the promising, and the worn down. They include the well-known, the little-known, and a lot of second catchers and middle reliever sleepers as well.  Some owners are quite comfortable going into dollar days with five roster spots left while others avoid rostering any dollar players because they do not want to hand over any leverage to the other owners as they try to fill their final roster spots.

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December 16, 2011 12:20 am

Fantasy Beat: All-Free Agent Team


Jason Collette

A look at the surprising number of quality free agents that remain on the open market

Yu Darvish has finally been posted. Finally. What we do not know is which team has the winning bid nor do we know how much that winning bid. What we do know is that he is holding up the rest of the free agency purchases that are seemingly stacked up like a bunch of customers waiting to get into Wal-Mart for a $2 waffle-maker.  We are just over two months from pitchers and catchers stumbling out of rental cars in Florida and Arizona, and yet there is quite a body of talent still waiting to find out where they will play in 2012.

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2010-2011 umpire data and ball/strike charts for the umpire crew for the 2011 NL Championship Series

I worked up some umpire data for Mike Ferrin and the MLB Network Radio show for the National League Championship Series between the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Louis Cardinals, and I thought some of you might be interested in seeing the data.

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Ray Fosse, the victim of history's most famous home-plate collision, weighs in on Buster Posey.

OAKLAND—The photograph used to hang in his office. Taken during a game at Fenway Park, the image showed a flowing swing he once called his own, the same swing he spent the rest of his career trying to replicate. He never came close.

Ray Fosse holds the pose now as he stands in an equipment room in the Oakland Coliseum—his head down to watch the ball jump off his bat, his left arm fully extended through the zone, his mind drifting back to the way it all clicked so easily throughout the first half of the 1970 season.

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Looking for a player who actually behaved the way Brian Sabean thinks Scott Cousins did.

When Brian Sabean went off on Scott Cousins, I tried to think of a player who had acted with malice aforethought in trying to hurt someone, who was enough of a psychotic to want to maim or kill someone on the baseball

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A few examples from the Giants' recent past show exactly what Brian Sabean thinks about collisions at the plate.

On Thursday, San Francisco Giants' general manager Brian Sabean took to the airwaves in the Bay Area to tell how he really feels about Scott Cousins, the Florida Marlins player who injured Buster Posey in a home plate collision last week. This is what Sabean had to say:

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The notable quotables from the week that was.


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Where do you stand on violent collisions at the plate? Should they be outlawed, or are they a part of the game? Before you answer, a warning...

Late Wednesday night, Scott Cousins of the Florida Marlins (likely) ended the season of San Francisco's reigning Rookie of the Year Buster Posey by colliding with Posey on a play at the plate. Posey, who was more in front of the plate than in the basepath, was turning to make the block and apply the tag when Cousins initiated the contact in an effort to get the upper-hand in the collision (from Cousins' point-of-view, Posey was a split second away from squaring up and tagging him out; Cousins did what he thought was necessary to balance the scales). Posey was upended from his spot, his left leg staying stationary under his body as the rest of him flipped over and made wild contortions. As it stands now, Posey is on the 15-day disabled list with a broken bone and strained ligaments.

The conversation around baseball since the collision - from national writers and commenters to bloggers all over the internet to radio hosts and television announcers - has been almost entirely about the injury and the debate over whether home plate collisions should even be allowed in the sport (we even had a similar debate in the comments to Jay Jaffe's piece). Ignoring for the time the fact that Cleveland's Carlos Santana had a very similar injury last season without garnering even a fraction of the attention Posey's injury has received, the debate seems to settle on one of two points. Either the collisions should be outlawed because baseball is not a contact sport and there is no reason to allow a player to be so vulnerable, especially when there is already a rule in place that is meant to keep things like this from happening; or, the plays should be allowed because they are some of the most exciting parts of the game and have been a part of it from the beginning. Rarely does anyone fall on any other side of the issue.

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