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That's a shame, because when an athlete does something truly magnificent and unprecedented, we are unable to appreciate it. When a baseball player produces one of the finest seasons in the 125-year history of the sport, we are unable to distinguish his performance from the merely great. In a society that uses "Ruthian" to denote a gargantuan amount of, well, anything, few notice that a player is having a season that Babe Ruth himself would envy. While Barry Bonds may be having the most valuable season in the history of baseball, there are those who can't decide if he's even the Most Valuable Player in the National League this year.

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(Numbers in parentheses indicate number of ballots on which the player appeared, then number of first-place votes received.)

AL MVP (14-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1)

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September 23, 1998 12:00 am

Home Run Race


Steven Rubio

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