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Somebody's got to make a case for the 11th-best position player in Padres history.

A year ago, while Hall of Fame voters were considering their ballots, a brochure supporting the candidacy of Juan Gonzalez showed up in our mailbox. We showed you this brochure and discussed the meaning of such a brochure, and then Juan Gonzalez got four percent of the vote. This year's ballot, then, has no Juan Gonzalez, but it has many other players who deserve brochures but, so far as we can tell, have not had brochures made for them. This is a brochure for one of them. It's a brochure for Ryan Klesko, whom you should definitely vote into the Hall of Fame. (It's up to you, but you might want to review the Juan Gonzalez brochure before you move on.) 

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