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Thinking about bat sizes, by way of the great Roger Angell.

I often recommend The Roger Angell Baseball Collection for iBooks. It’s a digital compilation of Angell’s three most widely acclaimed collections of baseball essays (The Summer Game, Five Seasons, Season Ticket) that you can get for $20. I bought it last fall, and am just closing in on finishing it. (Having three kids under the age of four does not permit one to read for pleasure as much as one might wish.)

Strung together, the books trace baseball history from the dawn of the expansion era to almost the end of the 1980s, and because of the way Angell observes and relates the game (as a passionate fan, but an interested, educated, and engaged one, with no aspect of the action or the off-field shenanigans unworthy of his examination), the collection offers a fascinating look into the rhythm of baseball history—where it repeats itself, and where something wholly and honestly new develops.

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Springtime with Roger Angell, who doesn't feel bad about writing about baseball.

Most of our writers didn't enter the world sporting an @baseballprospectus.com address; with a few exceptions, they started out somewhere else. In an effort to up your reading pleasure while tipping our caps to some of the most illuminating work being done elsewhere on the internet, we'll be yielding the stage once a week to the best and brightest baseball writers, researchers and thinkers from outside of the BP umbrella. If you'd like to nominate a guest contributor (including yourself), please drop us a line.

Tim Britton is entering his third season as a Red Sox beat writer for the Providence Journal. He is a native of New Jersey, a graduate of Duke, and a career .220 Little League hitter. He has never hit a home run. You can follow him on Twitter @TimBritton.

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