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The Jones-Rivera-Jeter retirement tour showdown rolls on.

Last month, I started a series designed to settle a matter of the utmost importance: whether Chipper Jones, Mariano Rivera, or Derek Jeter has had the most successful retirement tour, swag-wise. Here’s the setup:

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Chipper vs. Mariano vs. Jeter.

Thanks to the well-timed retirements of Chipper Jones, Mariano Rivera, and Derek Jeter, we've been plagued by treated to back-to-back-to back retirement tours in 2012, 2013, and now 2014. Ostensibly, the most memorable aspect of these final laps around the league is the chance to get a last glimpse at an outgoing great, but we all know that what we really remember is each team’s choice of retirement gift. I don’t remember Jones’ ceremony in San Diego, but I do remember that the Padres gave him a surfboard. I don’t recall how the Rays recognized Rivera, but I’ll never be able to unsee the creepy golem-like sand structure they created for the occasion. And so on.

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