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You think you have what it takes to be a major-league manager? In that case, Russell has several assignments for you.

We know. You could totally do it better than the pros. You'd have brought in a reliever for Pedro. You prove it most nights on your PlayStation. I bet you once played a whole season in MLB: The Show and went 102-60...or at least 35-15 in a shortened season.

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March 12, 2010 11:45 am

MLB 10


Marc Normandin

Sony's popular video game improves the realism of watching an actual game.

One thing that you can depend on with Sony's MLB: The Show franchise is that it will deliver an entry worth purchasing each season, even if you aren't the kind of person to buy every edition of a sports game. Each year, Sony's San Diego studio releases the best version of the game—this isn't a mere roster update, as customer criticisms are addressed without compromising the offers of the previous games—by adding on to what, at its core, is the best baseball game on the market—if you aren't familiar with The Show, check out reviews from the past two years to get a feel for the core game.

What The Show strives to do each season—and it gets closer every year—is to provide you with an experience as authentic as watching a game on your television. If it happens in the games, then chances are good that it happens in the latest edition of The Show. New to the game this year are real-time presentations: a broadcast camera is employed, so now everything is in real-time. If the camera pans to the dugout or bullpen, you will see interactions and movements of the players and coaches like you would on television, not static or robotic AI characters sitting around. Since the same engine is used for these moments in real-time as in gameplay—there's no disconnect between cut scenes after a play and plays anymore—everything moves fluidly and fits in realistically. Players no longer just stand around dumbly after a play is completed, as they continue to walk around, toss the ball—there are over 1,250 new gameplay animations to go along with 400 additional personalized pitcher and batter animations. This from a series that already prided itself on a successful replication of player movement. You will also notice improvements to the slow-motion replays, as players do not move around as awkwardly as in previous editions of the game—motions are much smoother and keep you immersed in the experience more in MLB 10.

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