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Five baseball reenactment videos perhaps worth watching.

Earlier today, Grant Brisbee reposted a thing that Matthew Callen had posted of a bunch of kids in Kenya recreating the 1986 World Series. Well, there's no topping that, so reposts away!

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Willy Taveras' run at a bunting record has Dan pondering the when, why, and how often as far as bunting for base hits.

"He just pointed at the ball. That's all he could do."
Willy Taveras, commenting on his bunt single against the Yankees' Roger Clemens on June 20th.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the lost art of pinch running, past, present, and future.

With the help of Mat Kovach and Retrosheet, pinch running statistics in the last 50 years have now been compiled, along with leaderboards for seasons, lifetime, and most times removed, along with team and manager statistics. (E-mail me if you want this.) In compiling all this information, a few things jump out from the statistics, and so here are the highlights of pinch running statistics.

Motorin': The Best of the Best

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December 16, 2004 12:00 am

The Class of 2005


Jay Jaffe

There are 16 position players on the Hall of Fame ballot. Jay Jaffe thinks three of them belong in Cooperstown.

These new metrics enable us to identify candidates who are as good or better than the average Hall of Famer at their position. By promoting those players for election, we can avoid further diluting the quality of the Hall's membership. Clay Davenport's Translations make an ideal tool for this endeavor because they normalize all performance records in major-league history to the same scoring environment, adjusting for park effects, quality of competition and length of schedule. All pitchers, hitters and fielders are thus rated above or below one consistent replacement level, making cross-era comparisons a breeze. Though non-statistical considerations--awards, championships, postseason performance--shouldn't be left by the wayside in weighing a player's Hall of Fame case, they're not the focus here.

Since election to the Hall of Fame requires a player to perform both at a very high level and for a long time, it's inappropriate to rely simply on career Wins Above Replacement (WARP, which for this exercise refers exclusively to the adjusted-for-all-time version. WARP3). For this process I also identified each player's peak value as determined by the player's WARP in his best five consecutive seasons (with allowances made for seasons lost to war or injury). That choice is an admittedly arbitrary one; I simply selected a peak vaue that was relatively easy to calculate and that, at five years, represented a minimum of half the career of a Hall of Famer.

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March 16, 1999 12:00 am

NL East Notebook


Keith Law

Starters (with projected Equivalent Average)
C Javy Lopez .296
1B Ryan Klesko .293
2B Bret Boone .245
3B Chipper Jones .318
SS Walt Weiss .258
LF Otis Nixon .232 / Gerald Williams .242
CF Andruw Jones .300
RF Brian Jordan .294

Bench/Alternatives: OF George Lombard .266, INF Keith Lockhart .258, The Execrable Ozzie Guillen .212

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