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The Phillies and the NCAA do a college player wrong, and only the player suffers.

Last June the Philadelphia Phillies used their fifth- and sixth-round draft picks to select Pac 10 talents Ben Wetzler (LHP, Oregon State) and Jason Monda (OF, Washington State), ultimately failing to sign each. Earlier this week Baseball America’s Aaron Fitt broke the news that last fall the Phillies turned in both Wetzler and Monda to the NCAA, claiming that both violated NCAA regulations that prevent an amateur player from using an agent to negotiate a contract on the player’s behalf. Violation of those regulations has the potential to negate the player’s NCAA eligibility. Monda has since been cleared to play, while Wetzler sits on the sidelines with his case still under review.

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The Phillies reportedly told on an unsigned draft pick for using an agent. Which raises the question: What's the difference between an agent and an advisor?

While looking toward the future with our comprehensive slate of current content, we'd also like to recognize our rich past by drawing upon our extensive (and mostly free) online archive of work dating back to 1997. In an effort to highlight the best of what's gone before, we'll be bringing you a weekly blast from BP's past, introducing or re-introducing you to some of the most informative and entertaining authors who have passed through our virtual halls. If you have fond recollections of a BP piece that you'd like to nominate for re-exposure to a wider audience, send us your suggestion.

After failing to sign him, the Phillies reportedly turned in 2013 fifth-round pick Ben Wetzler for breaking an NCAA rule by using an agent. Kevin Goldstein explained the subtle difference between an agent and an advisor in the piece reprinted below, which was originally published as a "Future Shock" column on May 16, 2008.

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June 27, 2013 5:00 am

Skewed Left: Searching for Baseball's Brandon Jennings


Zachary Levine

Is there a way for high school draftees to gain greater leverage?

College baseball’s month in the consciousness of the professionally tilted baseball fan began with UCLA’s win in the College World Series Tuesday and will end with your favorite team’s draft picks using the system as leverage to get what they want from your favorite team. It will also end, like every month in the NCAA, without any real resolution on paying players despite the discussion being loud as ever this year.

“Why shouldn’t players be paid?” is the question often asked. Athletic departments make millions of dollars from those players’ activities, and on the free market, the services of the best athletes in the highest-revenue sports would go for hundreds of thousands, if not more in exceptional cases.

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January 22, 2013 5:00 am

Perfect Game's Preseason College All-Americans


Kendall Rogers

The PG College Baseball Preseason All-America teams.

On December 5, 2012, Baseball Prospectus and Perfect Game announced a partnership to help promote and cover the game at both the amateur and professional levels. As a result of this partnership, Baseball Prospectus subscribers will now get the opportunity to read some of the great premium content being published by Perfect Game for its members. Today, courtesy of Perfect Game, we bring you this special report by Kendall Rogers.

It's time for College Baseball Preseason All-America teams to take on a different flavor entering the 2013 campaign.

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