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Answers on Richie Shaffer, a slew of pitching prospects, and the difference in scouting rookie ball versus Double-A.

Q: Is Richie Shaffer expected in the majors this year? There doesn’t seem to be much in his way and he’s off to a strong start at Triple-A (again). – Carpoon

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Our fantasy experts offer trade advice and field other questions found in the inbox over the past week.

Question: 15-team mixed 'sim' points league. Can freeze seven..I likely will freeze Wainwright, Latos, Minor, Trout, and McCutchen.

That leaves the following possibilities for my two remaining slots: Prince Fielder, Kendrick, Donaldson, Lucroy, Nelson Cruz, Kendrys Morales, Morse. Among my remaining pitchers, I could freeze Anibal Sanchez or G. Holland.

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August 2, 2013 6:00 am

Fantasy Mailbag: Looking Ahead


BP Fantasy Staff

The fantasy staff answers questions from the inbox, including those from an owner planning for this year's playoffs and others planning for 2014.

Question: Podcasters and fantasy writers chant "Flags Fly Forever" when talking about stashing potential players in dynasty/keeper leagues. I understand this, sacrificing an unknown future for a more certain present victory is an important concept. However, I get hung up on the fact that most of my leagues are H2H category leagues where it is a crapshoot once you get to the playoffs. If my team is positioned to make the playoffs, I feel that I have as good of a chance as any to win the league.

Is there anywhere specific that you would choose to focus your resources to shore up for the playoffs? Do you look at starting pitching matchups for September?

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July 19, 2013 6:00 am

Fantasy Mailbag: The Trade Market Heats Up


BP Fantasy Staff

As the real-life and fantasy trade deadlines approach, our experts help owners decide whether to pull the trigger, amid other advice this week.

Question: I wanted to get your thoughts on Ian Kennedy. I'm in a 10-team dynasty league and it would be so therapeutic to drop him (there doesn't seem to be much of a trade market at all for him). I could use his spot to stream guys like A.J. Griffin, Felix Doubront, etc., or take a shot on a youngster for the future like Jarred Cosart (I didn't get to see his start but the stat line looked pretty good; I'm sure Jason watched it, so maybe you could tell me if he looked impressive or if the Rays just had an off night). Basically, is Kennedy better than he is pitching, or is this who he is now?

Answer: I love the guy, but it's time to move on in a 10-teamer. There are just sure to be better options.

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Rosters/Depth Chart Mailbag

I've pretty much covered everything I'm going to cover around the Caribbean Winter Leagues, so I'm calling it quits on that particular format until spring training. For now, I'm leaving future topics up to the readers. Feel free to send over any questions related to rosters, depth charts, prospect ETA's, or playing time projections, and I'll answer them in a future mailbag. You can ask the questions below in the comments section, send me a tweet @mlbdepthcharts, or email me at mlbdepthcharts@gmail.com

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In the inaugural PITCHf/x mailbag, Harry and Dan examine how batters and pitchers behave on 3-0 counts.

Dan Brooks and Harry Pavlidis, the minds behind Brooks Baseball and the PITCHf/x Hitter and Pitcher Profiles, will be answering your statistical questions using PITCHf/x data on a regular basis at BP. To submit a question for consideration in their next mailbag, email them at mailbag@brooksbaseball.net or cram your question into 140 characters and send it to @brooksbaseball or @harrypav.

For our first PITCHf/x mailbag, we’ve decided to take a look at a deceptively simple question. We’re not so good at simple, however, so we took lemons and made a small storage building out of them.

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April 19, 2012 3:00 am

Research Mailbag: James McDonald, Professional Hitter


Bradley Ankrom

This week's mailbag takes a look at Hall of Famers who were picked in later rounds of the draft, home team winning percentage in extra innings, and Matt Cain's one-hitter.

Welcome to the latest installment of the Baseball Prospectus Research Mailbag. This week, we’ll tackle Hall of Famers being selected in later rounds of the draft, the home team’s winning percentage in extra-inning contests, and the quirks of Matt Cain’s one-hitter against the Pirates last Friday. As always, if there’s a question you would like to see answered in a future mailbag, please feel free to send it in via email or through the “Contact Author” form (please remember to include your full name and hometown with your question).

George Brett and Mike Schmidt went back-to-back with the 29th and 30th picks of the 1971 draft. Have there been any other cases of two Hall of Famers being picked back-to-back in the draft? Also, what’s the latest a Hall of Fame player has gone in the draft?

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Marc inquires about what you, dear reader, would like to see from the fantasy crew in 2010.

The start of the season is closing in on us, so now is the time to ask all of you, the readers, what it is you would like to see from myself and our new fantasy crew this year. In the past, it had just been me, writing two pieces per week, trying to cover a variety of topics in the allotted time. This has always meant that many areas would have to go uncovered, as there was only so much to be done in the old format with one writer. Now though, we have not only multiple writers, but the Fantasy Beat blog, which means more updates and without the restrictive confines of scheduling.

You have already seen the work of newly added Craig Brown, as well as the guys from Heater and their daily Hot Spots column covering positional battles and playing time. I have not blogged much as of yet (thanks , fantasy rankings!) but this will not be the case as the season approaches and begins. This is where you come in--what is it that you want to see on the blog?

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March 18, 2010 9:30 am

Fantasy Beat: Mailbag


Marc Normandin

Catching up on reader e-mail with the Fantasy Mailbag.

As I was out of town at the beginning of the week thanks to a few events for Baseball Prospectus 2010, this is as good a time as any to revive something I have wanted to do for awhile, but haven't had the capacity to until this blog went live. My hope is to write a Fantasy Mailbag whenever reader questions allow, which will hopefully be weekly but it depends on how the queries are delivered (and if I'm allowed to publish them, which is up to the reader).

Let me know in the comments if this is something you would like to see—very often, in both my chats and in my inbox, I receive a bunch of similar or related questions involving the same players, and the best way to get this information out there for everyone to seem, including those who want to know but haven't asked, is to run a mailbag. Today we'll go light, with just one e-mail (as many of the others in my inbox were either very specific to their league or quick to answer) but in the future I hope to do 2-3 per mailbag. I can also answer unanswered chat questions through this venue, or expand on ones I already covered quickly in that format.

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The Baseball Prospectus staff responds to reader mail about Rick Peterson, Todd Zeile and more.


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This edition of From the Mailbag includes comments on the AL Cy Young and Barry Bonds.


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From your Transaction Analysis page: Anaheim Angels - purchased the contract of RHP Francisco Rodriguez from Salt Lake. [9/15] I thought a player had to be on the active roster (or disabled list) as of August 31 to be eligible for post-season play. Does this mean that the Angels have to forfeit his 5 wins? --PG The Angels pulled the oldest roster trick in the book to make this work: They placed someone from their 60-day DL (Steve Green) on their postseason roster, effectively leaving a roster spot open for somebody else, or in this case, Francisco Rodriguez.


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