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Google kindly suggests that you search for insults about umpires.

Last night, Bob Davidson screwed up a double switch in the Cardinals-Marlins game, costing the Cardinals Allen Craig for an inning. It was another in a long line of umpire mishaps that will only increase the calls for robot double switchers, though it could've been worse. Davidson admitted that he'd screwed up, and the Cardinals won the game. Dustin Parkes wrote about the incident here. One of the things he wrote was this:

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The tater trots for May 9: compared to previous injured trots, Matt Joyce's twisted ankle trot was still remarkably quick, even if it is the slowest trot of the year.

The next night after a big home run day like Tuesday's is always a letdown. From Josh Hamilton's four home runs to only twelve home runs hit leaguewide? Yeah, that's going to feel a bit boring. And it might even be a legitimate feeling - if it weren't for one special trot last night.

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2010-2011 umpire data and ball/strike charts for the umpire crew for the 2011 NL Championship Series

I worked up some umpire data for Mike Ferrin and the MLB Network Radio show for the National League Championship Series between the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Louis Cardinals, and I thought some of you might be interested in seeing the data.

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August 30, 2010 9:00 am

Fantasy Beat: Hot Spots: First Base, Third Base, and Designated Hitter


Michael Street

Mark Teahen bubbles onto the list as Michael Street looks at other fringe VP options.

Another solid, SLG-heavy week from the Value Picks list means just one change, swapping a newly injured third baseman for one recently healed. Edwin Encarnacion hit the DL Saturday with a wrist injury—a timely move, as he’d have been dropped from the VP list anyway. Since ending a ten-game hit streak on July 27, EEE’s hit just .241/.300/.398 in 90 PAs, with only two multi-hit games. His strong 83% contact rate wasn’t enough to overcome his tepid 6% walk rate and a career-high 30.7% swing rate at pitches outside the strike zone.

His injury allows us to promote Mark Teahen from the bubble, where he’s sat the last two weeks. Teahen returned from a fractured finger on August 13, and he appears to be hale and hearty after bruising that same finger and missing a game. He hit .417/.500/.583 the rest of the week, continuing a strong return from injury, as he’s hit .343/.378/.571 since coming back, despite striking out 10 times in 35 ABs.

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June 30, 2010 8:00 am

Transaction Action: Disorderly Conduct


Christina Kahrl

The Red Sox retrench, the A's fritter, and more moves made on the AL side of the beat.

Team Audit | Player Cards | Depth Chart

Placed OF-R Lou Montanez on the 15-day DL(strained oblique). [6/25]
Recalled RHP Brad Bergesen from Norfolk (Triple-A). [6/26]
Designated 1B-R Garrett Atkins for assignment; activated RHP Koji Uehara from the 15-day DL. [6/27]

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Jim Joyce would not be the villian in the Armando Galarraga near-pefect game saga if MLB took full advantage of technology.

On Wednesday night, Jim Joyce blew a call at first base.  It wasn’t the first call he’s gotten wrong, nor will it be the last.  Other umpires also made bad calls yesterday—some because they were out of position, some because they’ve consciously decided not to enforce baseball’s rules exactly as written, but most because the human eye and brain are fallible.  Everyone who’s played a sport of any kind knows this—as a player, you can be sure a volleyball was out, not just barely out but out by a foot, only to have every one of your teammates tell you they were sure it hit the line.  None of this is news, and none of this is a tragedy—or at least it wouldn’t be, had the men who run Major League Baseball not consciously decided to ensure that it would become one but putting Jim Joyce alone on an island without any help.

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June 2, 2009 3:14 pm

Transaction Analysis: AL Central, Plus


Christina Kahrl

A look at the moves made by the middling quintet in the AL's middle, plus updates on the Rays and Orioles.

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This time around in the junior circuit, some get dealt, some get deals, and some get dumped.

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December 15, 2006 12:00 am

Prospectus Matchups: The .400 Club


Jim Baker

Jim reviews who was best at getting on base, and finds a record that may never be touched.

Baseball's three most-famous "clubs" are the 300-Victory, 3,000-Hit and 500-Homer. If pressed, I'm sure that we could all name a good percentage of the members of those esteemed bodies because we are good citizens and it is our duty to know such things. Because they are counting stats subject to the vagaries of time and space, though, are they really the most prestigious clubs to which a ballplayer can belong? In light of the power explosion of recent times, is membership in the 500-Homer Club the laurel it once was? Should it represent a golden key to the front door to the shrine at Cooperstown? That the question is even on anyone's lips illustrates that we need to call attention to other clubs.

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