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March 22, 2012 3:00 am

Prospects Will Break Your Heart: Baseball Is My Stereo


Jason Parks

Jason's had a busy 48 hours, and shows us what he's been up to by giving us a peek at his notebook.

“Baseball is my stereo, and this is how you set it up and this is how you make it play.” –George Washington 

I spend every day of my life standing on a field watching somebody with talent do something talented, and the past two days might have been the best so far in my journey towards enlightenment. The following is going to be a no frills breakdown of the action I’ve witnessed over the past 48 hours, starting with notes on several prospects in the Padres system, and a few notes on the Dominican Prospect League’s elite travel team, a roster stacked with future July 2nd players. Many of these players will command six-figure bonuses, and a few top-tier prospects could (and perhaps should) command signing bonuses in excess of seven-figures. These are notes as they appear in my notebooks, free from the charm and bitterness of my tongue, or the context of a proper narrative. This is baseball in the raw. 

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Jason gets extended looks at the Bubba Starling of this year and the Bubba Starling of 2009.

Day 22, 7:00 AM
My dearest Patricia, I am a machine. I’ve been in Arizona for three weeks, and I can subsist solely on intense sunshine and teenaged athletic promise. I have the stare, a Polaroid exposure with every blink. I can stand on my feet for eight straight hours without complaint, with tape recorders attached to my orbital bones in order to capture the day’s achievement. I’ve never felt more prepared for anything in my life. So much baseball floating around in my head, and I can’t wait to open my mouth and let it flow forth. Minor league games have begun and the world is again on a solid spin. I miss you immensely. You were in my dreams last night. You were throwing live batting practice to a group consisting of Eric Hosmer, Jorge Alfaro, and Cheslor Cuthbert, who was wearing an expensive George Washington mask. I was standing behind the cage crying from happiness. Be right back.

Day 22, 7:55 AM
About to leave for the fields, Patricia, but I thought I’d drop you a quick note. Roommate Jason is wearing a Cutter and Buck DryTec polo shirt, scientifically designed to wick perspiration while maintaining its form and fundamental aesthetic. He pairs this with a pair of non-descript denim blue jeans that I can’t properly analyze because they are nondescript. The pant is left long in the leg to cover the standard-issue leather cowboy boots, which give off the appearance of a broken-in work boot, one with hours punched out on a Texas ranch; I suspect the distressed material was manufactured for this particular appearance and effect, and the boots have yet to negotiate the rugged life of ranch work, which includes dealing with cantankerous animals of impressive tonnage and fields of equally impressive manure.

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March 17, 2010 11:21 am

Future Shock: Future Top Dogs, NL


Kevin Goldstein

A look back and a look ahead to who could the top prosects in the senior circuit next year.

One of the most frequent questions I get, be it via e-mail, chats, or the comment sections in the articles, is which player on (insert team here) has the best shot at moving into the Top 101. That's a much different question from who is the best prospect not in the Top 101, as the focus need to move solely to growth potential. Building on last year's "Future Top Dogs" series, let's keep that category in this year's version, while also taking an honest look at last year's prognostications.

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