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About the rare 8-unassisted double play.

It's been a weekend of weird plays. On Friday night, Jean Segura did something so strange we literally didn't have a way to score it. And on Saturday, Rays center fielder Desmond Jennings caught a Coco Crisp fly ball, then doubled Eric Sogard off first. All by himself.

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How do Mike Trout and Desmond Jennings compare to Coco Crisp when it comes to base-thieving technique?

A few weeks ago, prior to the holidays, I called Coco Crisp the league’s best basestealer. Being the best anything is a temporary position, so when you label someone the best you get people thinking about who will be the future best. In this case, that probably means Billy Hamilton. But the lack of video makes it next to impossible to review Hamilton in a thorough manner. Besides, writing "He’s so fast," over and over is a boring read. Instead of Hamilton, I opted to review two other players with a shot at usurping Crisp: Mike Trout and Desmond Jennings.

After Trout’s freshman season, it’s hard to call him the next best anything with a straight face. To be so young and accomplish so much is setting one’s self up for Tom Buchanan comparisons*, but somehow I think Trout will do okay with it. He might be, depending on Hamilton’s status for the upcoming year, the odds-on favorite to take Crisp’s spot in 2013. Trout showed off impressive chops by swiping 49 bases on 54 tries last season, running his big-league career total to 53 of 58 (a 91 percent success rate).

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