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March 31, 2014 6:00 am

Interleague Report: Week One


Jeff Quinton

In the debut edition, Jeff looks at the DH options of the NL clubs who will visit AL parks and the lineup changes for AL clubs losing the DH.

I am excited to introduce our weekly fantasy baseball Interleague Report. With interleague play now being year-round, we can benefit from keeping tabs on teams that have played or will be playing games in opposing leagues. The plan is to give you helpful info whether it relates to daily or weekly lineups, waiver or FAAB pickups, or changes in positional eligibility. The Interleague Report will cover last week, this week, and the following week.

Last Week

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March 14, 2014 6:00 am

Fantasy Auction Values: Third Edition


Mike Gianella

In advance of his foray into Tout Wars, Mike explains how he'd adjust his values for OBP leagues and unveils this week's update.

In eight days, I’ll be participating in my fifth Tout Wars expert league auction (on the National League side of the fence). However, this will be the first year we will be using on-base percentage—instead of batting average—as a category.

The attached spreadsheet offers my adjusted bid values for on base percentage leagues. More than the changes, what will probably jump out to readers is how few players’ values changed in both leagues. Forty-five NL hitters saw a change in value, while 38 AL hitters were moved up or down. Given that 125 AL hitters and 118 NL hitters saw a value change of $1 or more in 2013, shouldn’t there be more fluctuation in my bid limits for OBP?

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A polarizing player among prospect evaluators reflects on an encouraging start to his big-league career.

In Kevin Goldstein’s final Monday Morning Ten Pack last August, he called Darin Ruf “the leader in Twitter questions.” Ruf had just hit the 35th of what would be a minor-league-leading 38 home runs for Double-A Reading, in the process becoming one of the prospect world’s most polarizing players. Optimistic Phillies fans remembered Ryan Howard’s 37 homers for Reading in 2004 and saw a future slugger. Pessimists saw a one-dimensional player who was way too old for his league, an opinion backed up by scouts who, as KG reported, had Ruf pegged as “a bad ball hitter who does the overwhelming amount of his damage against lefties.”

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How many game could a team of all rookies win? Think about it for a minute, pick a number, and then read on.

One of the chapters I wrote for Extra Innings was about the ways that perennial losers like the Pirates and Royals get broken, and how they might eventually go about getting fixed. “Getting younger” is sometimes seen as a solution, and often it’s at least a step along the way. But early on in the chapter, I noted that youth isn’t always an immediate answer, writing, “All else being equal, a younger team is preferable to an older one, since younger players generally cost less and offer more room for improvement, but a roster composed of players who haven’t yet hit their primes is at least as unlikely to succeed as a team of players who’ve left their primes behind.” Comparing the average ages of teams that finished above or below .500, or that won or lost over 100 games, I concluded, “Too little inexperience can be even more toxic to a team than too much experience.”

It’s easy to explain why many young teams lose a lot of games: they’re learning on the job, with few players in their prime and a limited supply of highly touted and/or major-league-ready rookies. But for a few minutes, let’s ignore the way the real world works and imagine a young team too talented to occur in nature. If we could form an entire team for 2013 out of rookie-eligible players from any organization, which rookies would we pick? And armed with only the best young players in baseball, how many games would our all-rookie roster win?

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March 1, 2013 2:00 am

Minor League Update: Games of February 28


Jason Martinez

Notable prospect performances from Spring Training


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November 19, 2012 5:00 am

Minor League Update: Games of November 16-18


Jason Martinez

Notes from the weekend games in the DWL, VWL, PRBL, WBC, and AFL.

There were plenty of standouts in Saturday's Arizona Fall League Championship and I've already wrote about most of them since I started on the Minor League Update a few weeks back. Rymer Liriano, Nate Roberts, and Mike Zunino each had three hits for Peoria, who beat Salt River 4-3 to win the AFL title. Instead of writing about them again, do yourself a favor and scroll down the Twitter timeline of former big league scout Bernie Pleskoff, who was tweeting lots of informative scouting notes during the game and throughout the entire season.

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