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You know, you're absolutely right when you said that the Cubs should have been punished because of the lax security around the bullpen, which could have prevented the brawl. You're right the Cubs shouldn't allow their fans to get hammered beyond comprehension (maybe instituting a "No Beer after the Seventh Inning" rule at Wrigley would work). You're right that this brawl shouldn't affect a playoff race, and it would certainly suck if this became a regular occurrence at Wrigley, where fans tried to goad players into charging into the stands, to get them suspended. And you're right that the Cubs should increase security around such areas where the fans and opposing players are so close to each other and take some responsibility for what happened.

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January 27, 2000 12:00 am

NL Central Notebook


Joe Sheehan

It's almost embarrassing, actually, the way Gerry Hunsicker, the general manager of the Houston Astros, has made mincemeat of his competition. This winter, he's traded two players coming off career years and on the brink of being very expensive for three younger talents with significant upside. The trades cleared payroll space to grant contract extensions to a couple of key players, and didn't do any real damage to the Astros' chances in 2000.

He's done all this while watching the other contenders in the division pick up players like Dante Bichette and Eric Young. Right now, at least in the front office, the NL Central is simply a man playing with boys.

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These men returned heroes, for when hope was nearly gone, when these pearls of wisdom were to be lost to the spinning magnetic surfaces of legend, they came upon the document.

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NL East | NL Central | NL West

Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' predictions for 1998. We'll go division by division and each of our staff members will tell you what they think about the races. Remember, there's a reason we don't print this stuff in the book; there is no good way we know of to predict what a team will do before the season begins. Consider these teamwide WFGs, take them with a grain of salt, and enjoy.

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