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Tom Tango's community playing time forecasts for 2012 could use your input.

Tom Tango is doing his annual community-sourced playing time forecasts again this year. Go fill out the survey for your favorite team here.

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The big day is finally here: the "Deadly Accurate" projections have arrived, now laced with some new-flavor WARP.

And here we are–the release of the 2011 PECOTAs.

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Nate introduces a method of evaluating prospects with PECOTA, and begins his tour around the minors by examining the most promising young catchers.

I’ve spent the better portion of the last two months thinking about how we can do a better job of evaluating the futures of baseball players and, particularly, the futures of young baseball players. It goes without saying that I’ve done this thinking in the vehicle of PECOTA, and essentially every aspect of the system has been rethought and reevaluated. But above and beyond anything PECOTA might have to say, one conclusion has jumped off the page:

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