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Things people said that look less smart in retrospect (and probably didn't sound that smart at the time).

Elsewhere on the site today, I have an article up about Braves starter Mike Minor, who was awful early in the season and excellent (at least in terms of preventing runs) after May. In that article, I referred to a May 22nd post by Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who cited Minor's respectable xFIP and dared to raise the idea—without ever officially endorsing it, mind you—that he might not continue to allow home runs quite as often as he had to that point. That post got 107 comments. These are the best 15.

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Code of Conduct for Baseball Prospectus comments.

We're happy to announce that we've released the beta of our commenting functionality, and it is now available on Baseball Prospectus articles for all Premium and Fantasy subscribers. Look at the bottom of any new article for the link.

When you leave a comment on an article, you'll be identified by your account's Display Name. This new setting is available by clicking "Manage My Profile" in the blue login bar on any Baseball Prospectus page (or by clicking here). In our experience both with community features on web sites and old-school Usenet newsgroups, people who take their online identities seriously provide a high level of discussion quality, and many or even most of those people identify themselves by their actual names. While we don't require that you do so, we do hope that you use your real name as your Display Name.

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