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An explanation of some of the new features of Collateral Damage Daily.

There have been many requests for an in-depth explanation of the new Collateral Damage Daily format. Most of the fields in the table are self-explanatory, but there are a few that are not as clear-cut.

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New, daily editions of the Hit List, Collateral Damage, and What You Need to Know will combine vital information in one convenient package throughout the season.

Things at BP have never been busier. We hope you’re enjoying the increased content on the site these days and that your workplace productivity has suffered accordingly. We also hope you enjoy setting aside some time to dig into our in-depth opinions and analysis. However, we know not all of you have hours to read about baseball every morning, and we still want to give you a way to digest the day’s most important developments quickly.

That’s where our new daily content comes in. We initiated this change last Friday; we’ll now be running three new or reworked columns every morning from Monday through Friday: the “Daily Hit List,” “What You Need to Know,” and “Collateral Damage Daily.” Below, you’ll find descriptions of what you can expect from each one.

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