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One of our founders delivers a BP PowerPoint presentation to a group of publishers, and to you.

Baseball Prospectus has been around for awhile. And while we're very proud of the work we're doing today, we're also proud of the work we've done in the past. Some of you have been reading BP since the beginning. Others have subscribed more recently. Maybe some of you are visiting for the first time for our Free Friday promotion and don't know anything about us. Regardless of how long you've had a subscription (or whether you have one at all), if you want to brush up on our history and progression from unknown outsiders to respected publishers of intelligent, irreverent baseball commentary, watching this video would not be a bad idea.

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Steven Goldman says farewell.

I thought I might begin today’s entry with a fancy introduction involving Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, General Crowder, Pete Rose, a rogue elephant, a malfunctioning burglar alarm, and Richard Nixon, but the appropriate anecdote that draws those elements together escapes me, and instead I will cut right to the chase: Today marks the end of my tenure at Baseball Prospectus.

My first column for Baseball Prospectus appeared on June 20, 2003. Today, almost nine years later, I present my last. With great sadness, but also great excitement for the future, I have resigned as Editor-in-Chief. On March 19, I will undertake a new challenge, joining Bleacher Report as one of two lead baseball writers, contributing both my usual long-form pieces as well as quicker bits in which I get to indulge my inner hit-and-run commentator.

There is so much I want to tell you about my time here, about the many adventures I have had and the people I have known, many of whom you have read and enjoyed, but it’s hard to single out any one story. This “inside” tale from early in my tenure keeps coming to mind. It was approximately July 2005. In those days, BP’s principals had a yearly meeting someplace fun, like Palm Springs, Las Vegas, or Monte Carlo. I believe we stopped doing those because given the lack of entertainment options available at these remote, arid locations, the guys just got too much work done and were overly fatigued from all of their productivity once they got home.

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Our latest book project combines some of the best work from BP's past and present, and it's coming soon.

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With word that Jed Hoyer will be joining Theo Epstein in Chicago, the Padres have a familiar face sliding into the GM chair.

With Padres GM Jed Hoyer headed to the Cubs in the same capacity under former boss Theo Epstein, another Epstein protégé, Josh Byrnes, takes over in San Diego. Although Hoyer's tenure didn't last as long as anyone expected, he made a few key moves that will help shape the course of the franchise.

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Inspired by Pascual Perez's infamous adventures on I-285 in Atlanta, the BP team recounts their scariest automobile encounters.

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On the future of Transaction Analysis.

I spent most of Friday on the set of The View, wired up in Joy Behar’s audio gear and desperately trying (and mostly failing) to correctly answer trivia questions about last season’s game action for a live quiz show being beamed back to Japan. It was a strange experience, one made all the more surreal when one of my overseas hosts made a fat joke about me. After that, I wasn’t much in the mood to think about what happened to Dexter Fowler in the fourth inning of a game last April, and my performance suffered accordingly. My day ended with co-panelist Alan Schwarz observing (good-naturedly, I think) that I sucked, so it was a good day for my ego.

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Ronnie Belliard and Luis Hernandez head for Triple-A, Brandon Belt breaks camp with the big squad, and Matt Holliday loses an appendix but keeps a roster spot.

By my count (or more accurately, Rob McQuown’s), Christina Kahrl has devoted 952 articles to analyzing transactions, and that’s probably selling her short, since our database doesn’t go back quite as far as her byline. In the first Transaction Analysis entry that I could find, Ozzie Guillen appears not as a manager, but as a shortstop and the owner of an exceedingly low OBP; given that Guillen has just entered his eighth season at the helm of the White Sox, it’s clear that Christina has been at this for some time, and unlike Guillen, she didn’t overstay her welcome before shifting to a new role.

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October 27, 2009 12:58 pm

Kiss'Em Goodbye: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


Baseball Prospectus

Another post-season spin left the Angels short of the World Series, but was this a last gasp of a great multi-year run?

Baseball Prospectus' Pre-season Projection: 81-81
Actual Record: 97-65

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October 14, 2009 1:10 pm

Kiss'Em Goodbye: Colorado Rockies


Baseball Prospectus

Rocktober didn't take up as much of the calendar this year as it did in 2007, but there's plenty to feel good about going forward.

Baseball Prospectus' Pre-season Projection: 71-91, fifth place
Actual record: 92-70, second place

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October 8, 2009 12:19 pm

Kiss'Em Goodbye: Detroit Tigers


Baseball Prospectus

The Motor City Kitties aimed for improvement, but wind up on the list of play-in losers.

Baseball Prospectus' Pre-season Projection: 79-83, third place
Actual record: 86-77, second place

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September 30, 2009 12:31 pm

Kiss'Em Goodbye: Chicago White Sox


Baseball Prospectus

The South Siders played for high stakes but came up short, but where does that leave them for 2010?

Baseball Prospectus' Pre-season Projection: 76-86, fourth place
Current record: 76-81, third place

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The Rangers made a run, but there's more to come and even better times ahead.

Baseball Prospectus' Pre-season Projection: 70-92, fourth place
Current record: 83-69, second place

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