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What do expanded replay's early returns tell us about how well the expanded replay system will work this season?

I give it one year until there’s a fundamental change to Major League Baseball’s new replay system.

I’d give it even less time if we weren’t less than three weeks from baseball season. While MLB certainly isn’t opposed to going seat-of-the-pants on this, the league probably won’t want to make another major change so soon.

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January 29, 2014 6:04 am

Throw the Flag


Dan Brooks and Russell A. Carleton

Could the manager challenge system sink expanded instant replay?

About that instant replay system that MLB put in place—we found a little problem with it. It started with us asking a pretty easy question. What is the best strategy for a manager to use in deciding when to throw “the flag” to challenge a call? We were sitting around talking about it, and the answer that we came up with is actually kinda scary: Managers should just throw that flag for any close play, the first time that they see one. When we say any close play, we mean just about anything that they have a smidgen of belief could be overturned by consulting a replay. And they shouldn’t fear throwing it even in the first inning, or throwing it to contest something that would give them only a trivial advantage.

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Ben and Sam talk to Dan Brooks about why the expanded replay review system should motivate managers to challenge early and often.

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