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May 2, 2012 3:03 am

Sobsequy: The Media Meets the Press


Adam Sobsey

Reviewing Frank Deford's new book, "Over Time," and reflecting on how the advent of the internet has improved the quality of sportswriting.

My favorite second baseman
had gone 0 for 5—there it was,
in black and white. How many of us
could bear a daily record
of exactly what we'd done?

—Stephen Dunn, "Emperors"

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March 15, 2011 9:00 am

Fantasy Beat: Expert Mock Draft Results


Jason Collette

Jason took part in a slow mock draft with other fantasy experts and is now here to share what he learned from the experience.

I recently had the pleasure of doing a slow—and I mean slow—mock draft over the past four weeks with a few of my friends and colleagues in the fantasy baseball industry. That group included most of the mlb.com folks, Fernando DiFino, and the legendary Joe Sheehan. The draft started on February 17 and survived a few lost weekends, DiFino’s nuptials (congrats!) and several copy and paste issues from some of us that are still using not-so-smartphones.

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Bio: My name is Tyler Hissey, a 22-year-old baseball fanatic from Connecticut. My love for the game started young, as I was born into a big baseball family. Unfortunately for me, most of the athleticism and talent went to my cousins, David and Peter, a fourth-round selection of the Boston Red Sox in the 2008 draft. I played my first two years at Eckerd College down in the Sunshine State Conference, but I fell on the wrong side of Value Over Division II Replacement Player. After an arm injury and the lack of secondary skills ended my collegiate career, though, I began reading and writing about baseball in order to help me cure my baseball fix. Luckily, the Internet has given me the opportunity to voice my opinion on the sport to the world. After reading Moneyball for a business course, I begin to get into sabermetrics. I pretty much learned more reading Baseball Between the Numbers than I did in my 12-plus years as a serious amateur player. My experiences in baseball journalism coincided with my improvement as a student there, and I finished my career reaching the Dean's List in my final four semesters while graduating with honors. I was also nominated for the school's Writing Excellence Award during my junior year, an honor that would have never been bestowed upon me if not for my interest in baseball blogging and desire to improve as a writer as a result.

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May 7, 2009 12:04 pm

The Biz Beat: Affiliate Programs


Shawn Hoffman

A new way for Major League Baseball to sell lots of tickets, and lots of other stuff for that matter.

Being a blogger is an interesting existence. You can spend hours each week on something that isn't your job, and brings no financial return. Trying to make any money off of Google ads is like trying to make lemonade out of tomatoes-after a year and a half and almost 300 posts on Squawking Baseball, I'm just now reaching the coveted $100 level, at which point Google will actually be willing to send me a check.

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