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Introducing our latest mid-season publication.

Introducing the latest in the great line of Baseball Prospectus publications...The Call-Up 2012 e-book!

Like our bestselling annual, this mid-season debut provides the latest scoops and analysis to help fans follow their favorite teams and win their fantasy leagues. The e-book highlights the most notable teams and players of the season's first half, offering over 50 new player comments by 10 of your favorite BP authors, a preface by e-book editor Ben Lindbergh, and some of the best of BP's recent online articles, as well as rest-of-season PECOTA projections for all players profiled.

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Ben Lindbergh climbs the ranks of BP while Dan Evans becomes a regular contributor.

Every so often I have the pleasure of relaying some really great news that will help shape the future of Baseball Prospectus. Today is one of those days.

I'm thrilled to announce that, effective immediately, Ben Lindbergh has been promoted to Editor-In-Chief of Baseball Prospectus. Ben leaves Bloomberg Sports to focus his efforts full-time on BP and maintain responsibility for the day-to-day management of all website content. Ben recently served as the site's Managing Editor. 

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Welcome Ben Lindbergh as New Managing Editor

As we say farewell and wish Steven Goldman all the best in his new position, I'd like to announce that, effective immediately, Ben Lindbergh has been promoted to Managing Editor of Baseball Prospectus.

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Wrapping up our tour of the AL Central by discussing how good the Tigers can be, how close the Royals are to being competitive, and the sorry state of the Twins.

1) Will their defensive experiment work out?

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Ballplayers and managers who bear a striking resemblance to other people, both real and fictional

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Tying up the loose ends from Dallas, as the Brewers bring in Alex Gonzalez to replace Yuniesky Betancourt, the Angels sign LaTroy Hawkins, the Orioles trade for Dana Eveland, and the Rockies and Cubs swap flawed former prospects.

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Our latest book project combines some of the best work from BP's past and present, and it's coming soon.

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Now that the regular season has wrapped up, here's a look at who BP staffers think should win the major awards.

Today we reveal the Baseball Prospectus staff choices for the major player awards  (MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, and Manager of the Year) in the American and National Leagues. Each staff member's predictions may be found later in the article. Here, we present a wisdom-of-the-crowds summary of the results.

For the MVP voting, we've slightly amended the traditional points system in place that has been used elsewhere, dropping fourth- and fifth-place votes to make it 10-7-5 for the MVP Award, and the regular 5-3-1 for the Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, and Manager of the Year Awards (that's 5 points for a first-place vote, 3 points for a second-place vote, etc.). Next to each of these selections we've listed the total number of ballots, followed by the total number of points, and then the number of first-place votes in parentheses, if any were received.

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In case you missed analysis on any of the trade deadline deals, here are links to each piece.

The trade deadline has passed, but BP went into overdrive to provide you with up-to-date analysis of each team's moves. In case you were out of town or not glued to the site this weekend (in which case, shame on you), or haven't caught up on trades from last week, here are links to each trade write-up.  Subscribers can also see updated Depth Charts and PECOTA projections for all traded players.

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With All-Star selection around the corner, the BP staff fills out their ballots for who deserves to start in the Midsummer Classic.

It’s July, and that means another All-Star Game, one which—we might as well get this out of the way now—won’t be as exciting as those wonderful old All-Star Games  when important things happened, like Ted Williams breaking his elbow and Dizzy Dean breaking a toe (Williams said he was never the same hitter; Dean destroyed his arm with altered mechanics) and Ray Fosse getting run over because damn it, Pete Rose just had to win an exhibition game.

(It is at times like these that I like to recall Mickey Mantle’s immortal words on the subject of Rose: “If I had played my career hitting singles like Pete, I’d wear a dress.”)

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On the future of Transaction Analysis.

I spent most of Friday on the set of The View, wired up in Joy Behar’s audio gear and desperately trying (and mostly failing) to correctly answer trivia questions about last season’s game action for a live quiz show being beamed back to Japan. It was a strange experience, one made all the more surreal when one of my overseas hosts made a fat joke about me. After that, I wasn’t much in the mood to think about what happened to Dexter Fowler in the fourth inning of a game last April, and my performance suffered accordingly. My day ended with co-panelist Alan Schwarz observing (good-naturedly, I think) that I sucked, so it was a good day for my ego.

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At last!

Fellow seekers of wisdom and truth, at last I can confirm a New York City appearance on our worldwide tour of the East Coast and Chicago. Here are the facts, Jack:

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