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March 10, 2014 6:00 am

Rumor Roundup: Santana Signing Soon?


Daniel Rathman

Catching you up on the weekend's conflicting reports about Ervin Santana, Shane Victorino's switch-hitting decision, and White Sox trade rumors.

Ervin Santana might be in a rush to sign; or, maybe not
FOX Sports baseball insiders Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi got some conflicting information over the weekend. Rosenthal heard that Ervin Santana was itching to join a club and could settle for a one-year deal to get down to spring training as soon as possible. Morosi, on the other hand, was told that Santana might “wait days” before accepting an offer.

Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes had more concrete news on the Santana front: He wrote on Saturday that the right-hander has two offers on the table that would essentially match the qualifying offer from the Royals that Santana rejected last fall. The Blue Jays would hand him $14 million for the 2014 season, while the Orioles’ bid was at $13 million with incentives that could at least bump the value up to the $14.1 million paycheck he turned down.

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Speedy mid-tier outfielders are on this week's Reaper menu.

Ben Revere | Philadelphia Phillies
Shallow (30 Keepers):
Medium (60 Keepers): No
Deep (90 Keepers): No
NL-only (60 Keepers): Yes
Super Deep (200 Keepers): Yes

As a fantasy asset, it’s quite clear where Revere will help your team and where he won’t. The young, speedy centerfielder can provide runs, hits, and steals in bunches but won’t offer much in the way of RBIs or homers. In fact, in just over 1,000 major league trips to the plate, Revere has yet to hit a single home run, though he did once come oh-so-close to the inside-the-park variety.

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The tater trots for April 18: Hanley Ramirez continues his assault on la máquina jonrón and Kevin Youkilis proves how his head isn't in the game.

I was at the Brewers/Dodgers game last night, watching from above as Don Mattingly brought in a fifth infielder to try and prevent a second consecutive walk-off win for Milwaukee. Sure, Nyjer Morgan really should have been called out at the plate (a terrible slide and a terrible tag add up to some umpire confusion, I suppose), but it was an incredibly exciting game. I was glad to be there.

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The tater trots for April 9: Pablo dances, LaHair blasts one to Sheffield, St. Louis' trio of shots, and De Aza's leadoff beauty.

The allure of Opening Week is finally gone. While some teams are still celebrating (or awaiting) their home openers, others are already back to midseason form. In Houston, 17,095 paid to see the hometown boys beat the Braves. In Oakland, the stellar Royals/A's matchup only brought out 10,054 paid attendees. One of those is bound to change on Tuesday, as the Astros plan to hold their first throwback game of the year. In honor of their 50th anniversary, the team will be wearing old Houston Colt .45s jerseys, smoking gun and all.

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January 11, 2012 3:00 am

The Keeper Reaper: Outfielders for 1/11/12


Rob McQuown

Chicago corner outfielders Viciedo and De Aza headline this weeks Keeper Reaper, joined by Coco Crisp and Chris Heisey

Do you keep the (other) American League stolen base leader, Coco Crisp?  Do you keep guys filling voids created by trades of Yonder Alonso and Carlos Quentin? And if you don't care about the White Sox, feel free to submit your own players for review and keeper consideration. All format questions are welcomed, not just the ones we usually profile here.

Chris Heisey | Cincinnati Reds (ADP 213)
Shallow (30 keepers)
: NO
Medium (60 keepers)
: NO
Deep (90 keepers)
: NO
NL-only (60 keepers)
Super Deep (200 keepers)

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January 5, 2012 9:00 am

Resident Fantasy Genius: Crispy New Outfielders


Derek Carty

How have recent deals and signing affected players' fantasy values?

Carlos Quentin | San Diego Padres | OF | Acquired via Trade
Quentin was acquired earlier this week for minor-league talent and will slot into the middle of the order for San Diego. Unfortunately, while the Padres didn’t give up a whole lot to acquire him, he is a poor fit for the team, and his fantasy owners will not be made happy about the move. Going from one of the most favorable hitter’s parks in baseball to one of the least will destroy much of Quentin’s value. Because he hasn’t posted a batting average about .254 since 2008 (when he hit a healthy .288), power is all he has to offer, and now that may become scarce—think maybe 15 home runs this year, possibly 20 if he can manage to play an entire season healthily.

Perhaps more than anything else, though, this gives Kyle Blanks and Jesus Guzman an automatic “Go to bench, do not pass Go, do not collect $200” card. They’ll no longer be vying for playing time in left field in 2012, and right field is expected to be occupied by a Will Venable/Chris Denorfia platoon. That throws Blanks and Guzman back into the first-base mix. Yonder Alonso still has to be considered the favorite there, but this deal certainly doesn’t do him any favors either between Blanks, Guzman, and Anthony Rizzo nipping at his heels. The only guys actually gaining in all of this are the Padres number two and three hitters (Cameron Maybin? Chase Headley? Orlando Hudson?), who figure to score a few more runs with Quentin behind them.

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The tater trots for August 27: Thome back in Cleveland on his birthday, Papi on the basepaths, Alejandro De Aza's sprint.

Five games, including two doubleheaders, were canceled on Saturday due to Hurricane Irene. That didn't do much to affect our home run total, though, as there were still 32 home runs hit around the league.

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August 3, 2011 10:45 am

Value Picks: Outfield for 8/3/11


Rob McQuown

There's lot of outfield turnover in VP this week given all of the weekend's trade deadline moves.

It's been a chaotic week of outfielder moves across the league, and Houston's outfield takes on an entirely new look with Carlos Lee moving to first base and the other two starters moving out of town. Last week's additions both graduate from The List this week, but new faces are getting playing time all around the majors with the shuffling. The holes in San Diego and Seattle will probably see multiple players before the season ends, but none besides Trayvon Robinson have much star power, and the parks will depress the stats of the other pretenders enough that they can be safely ignored for now.

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