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Custom Statistic Report: Batter Season

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Data Updated Through August 24, 2016
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1047.2016Braden Shipley-0.38
1048.2016Mark Canha-0.39
1049.2016Eric Campbell-0.40
1050.2016Jake Thompson-0.41
1051.2016Bryan Morris-0.42
1052.2016Nick Hundley-0.42
1053.2016Justin Upton-0.42
1054.2016Mike Bolsinger-0.42
1055.2016A.j. Reed-0.42
1056.2016A.j. Ellis-0.43
1057.2016Jose Dominguez-0.43
1058.2016Nolan Reimold-0.43
1059.2016Zac Curtis-0.43
1060.2016J.r. Murphy-0.43
1061.2016Chris Narveson-0.44
1062.2016Joe Smith-0.44
1063.2016Darrell Ceciliani-0.44
1064.2016Eddie Butler-0.45
1065.2016Dustin Ackley-0.45
1066.2016Brett Anderson-0.45
1067.2016Tony Sipp-0.45
1068.2016Jered Weaver-0.46
1069.2016James Hoyt-0.47
1070.2016Matt Albers-0.47
1071.2016Desmond Jennings-0.47
1072.2016Justin Nicolino-0.47
1073.2016Cedric Hunter-0.48
1074.2016Michael Martinez-0.48
1075.2016Joel De La Cruz-0.48
1076.2016Drew Hayes-0.49
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