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Data Updated Through July 29, 2014
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1.Donnie JosephKCAAL2014100.767.513.527.013.5081.0081.000.00-14.140.0-1.61.000
2.Josh WallANAAL2014201.
3.Aaron BrooksKCAAL2014212.740.510.16.83.3843.8843.880.00-7.310.0-2.8.688
4.Cesar CabralNYAAL2014401.
5.Drew RucinskiANAAL2014101.
6.Charlie LeesmanCHAAL2014112.730.
7.Steve TollesonTORAL2014100.327.
8.Dean AnnaNYAAL2014101.
9.Keith ButlerSLNNL2014202.
10.David HolmbergCINNL2014112.723.610.13.410.1316.8816.880.00-2.550.0-2.8.364
11.Jeremy JeffressTORAL2014303.321.
12.Luke PutkonenDETAL2014202.720.
13.Austin AdamsCLEAL2014202.
14.Justin MarksKCAAL2014102.
15.Nick MarondeANAAL20141106.317.
16.Eddie ButlerCOLNL2014115.316.
17.Wei-chung WangMILNL201413017.
18.Jose CisneroHOUAL2014504.715.
19.Chad BettisCOLNL201421024.715.
20.B.j. RosenbergPHINL201413012.
21.Rudy OwensHOUAL2014115.714.
22.Christian BergmanCOLNL20143315.
23.Phil IrwinTEXAL2014114.
24.Jarrett GrubeANAAL2014100.713.
25.Jose AlvarezANAAL2014200.713.
26.Taylor ThompsonCHAAL2014303.313.
27.Marco GonzalesSLNNL20143314.
28.Matthew WestTEXAL2014304.
29.Seth RosinTEXAL2014304.
30.Josh ZeidHOUAL201423020.713.
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