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Data Updated Through September 26, 2016
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1.Blake TreinenWASNL201415750.710.
2.Taylor HillWASNL2014319.
3.Aaron BarrettWASNL201450040.77.34.410.80.222.663.760.
4.Xavier CedenoWASNL2014907.
5.Bobby KoreckyTORAL2014203.310.
6.Kendall GravemanTORAL2014504.
7.Jeremy JeffressTORAL2014303.321.
8.Marcus StromanTORAL20142620130.
9.Aaron SanchezTORAL201424033.
10.Neil WagnerTORAL201410010.
11.Sean NolinTORAL2014101.
12.Steve TollesonTORAL2014201.
13.Rob RasmussenTORAL201410011.36.45.610.30.793.
14.Daniel NorrisTORAL2014516.
15.Lisalverto BonillaTEXAL20145320.
16.Miles MikolasTEXAL2014101057.310.
17.Aaron PoredaTEXAL201426021.312.
18.Roman MendezTEXAL201430033.
19.Shawn TollesonTEXAL201464071.
20.Alexander ClaudioTEXAL201415012.310.22.910.20.002.922.920.001.300.02.3.389
21.Phil IrwinTEXAL2014114.
22.Seth RosinTEXAL2014304.
23.Ben RowenTEXAL2014808.710.
24.Nick MartinezTEXAL20142924140.
25.Pedro FigueroaTEXAL20141009.
26.Spencer PattonTEXAL2014909.
27.Jon EdwardsTEXAL2014908.314.
28.Phil KleinTEXAL201417019.05.24.710.91.422.842.840.001.330.02.5.195
29.Matthew WestTEXAL2014304.
30.Nate KarnsTBAAL20142212.
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