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Custom Statistic Report: Batter Season

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Data Updated Through September 27, 2016
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1173.2016Steve Clevenger-0.62
1174.2016Jared Hughes-0.62
1175.2016Oswaldo Arcia-0.62
1176.2016Zachary Godley-0.63
1177.2016Jordan Pacheco-0.63
1178.2016Jeff Hoffman-0.63
1179.2016Carlos Sanchez-0.63
1180.2016Jarrod Saltalamacchia-0.64
1181.2016Ramon Flores-0.65
1182.2016Casey Fien-0.66
1183.2016Ryan Vogelsong-0.66
1184.2016Chris Coghlan-0.66
1185.2016Casey Mcgehee-0.66
1186.2016Joshua Osich-0.68
1187.2016Tyler White-0.68
1188.2016Michael Martinez-0.68
1189.2016Carl Crawford-0.69
1190.2016Erik Johnson-0.69
1191.2016Alejandro De Aza-0.69
1192.2016Shelby Miller-0.69
1193.2016Ryan Weber-0.69
1194.2016Rob Refsnyder-0.70
1195.2016Devin Mesoraco-0.70
1196.2016Cliff Pennington-0.72
1197.2016Cody Reed-0.72
1198.2016Danny Santana-0.72
1199.2016A.j. Reed-0.73
1200.2016Tony Sipp-0.74
1201.2016James Loney-0.75
1202.2016Preston Tucker-0.78
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