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Custom Statistic Report: Batter Season

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Data Updated Through November 2, 2015
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1121.2015Justin De Fratus-0.28
1122.2015Mac Williamson-0.28
1123.2015Pedro Florimon-0.29
1124.2015Luke Maile-0.29
1125.2015Clay Buchholz-0.29
1126.2015Allan Dykstra-0.30
1127.2015Chase Anderson-0.30
1128.2015Alberto Callaspo-0.30
1129.2015Rafael Ynoa-0.30
1130.2015Alex Rios-0.31
1131.2015Ike Davis-0.31
1132.2015Lance Lynn-0.32
1133.2015Darnell Sweeney-0.32
1134.2015Steven Baron-0.32
1135.2015Shelby Miller-0.32
1136.2015Skip Schumaker-0.33
1137.2015Charlie Morton-0.33
1138.2015Luis Sardinas-0.33
1139.2015Matt Harvey-0.33
1140.2015Gregorio Petit-0.34
1141.2015Jarrod Saltalamacchia-0.34
1142.2015Colby Lewis-0.34
1143.2015Drew Stubbs-0.34
1144.2015Jon Jay-0.34
1145.2015Cody Decker-0.34
1146.2015Daniel Dorn-0.35
1147.2015Oscar Hernandez-0.35
1148.2015Junior Lake-0.36
1149.2015Zach Walters-0.36
1150.2015Pete Kozma-0.37
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