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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through February 21, 2017
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1.MLBXavier Cedeno20112430361.
2.MLBScott Kazmir20112711631.
3.MLBMark Worrell20112840462.
4.MLBDaryl Thompson20112510793.
5.MLBElih Villanueva20112411923.
6.MLBMichael Cuddyer20113210161.
7.MLBWil Ledezma201130501526.
8.MLBEdgar Gonzalez20112810342.
9.MLBDarnell Mcdonald20113210241.
10.MLBKevin Whelan20112720431.70.01.727.
11.MLBDanny Farquhar20112430432.
12.MLBRommie Lewis201128601425.
13.MLBBruce Billings201125401537.
14.MLBJeff Manship20112650833.30.03.310.
15.MLBSamuel Deduno20112720693.
16.MLBShane Lindsay201126401506.
17.MLBDellin Betances20112321712.72.00.720.
18.MLBMaikel Cleto201122301054.
19.MLBKanekoa Texeira201125601196.
20.MLBMike Fiers20112620422.
21.MLBRyan Cook2011241201627.
22.MLBAaron Thompson201124411547.
23.MLBBryan Augenstein201124501135.
24.MLBJay Buente20112721975.
25.MLBChad Gaudin2011281001968.
26.MLBRobbie Weinhardt20112520281.
27.MLBDennys Reyes20113440391.70.01.710.
28.MLBBrandon Lyon20113115028213.
29.MLBScott Mathieson201127401125.
30.MLBSteve Edlefsen20112613023111.
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