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Custom Statistic Report: Batter Season

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Data Updated Through March 24, 2017
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31.2016Jerome Williams-0.03
32.2016Chris Capuano0.03
33.2016Jason Grilli0.50
34.2016Francisco Rodriguez0.48
35.2016Chad Qualls0.03
36.2016Matt Belisle-0.13
37.2016Gregor Blanco-0.51
38.2016Jeff Francoeur0.32
39.2016Kelly Johnson0.22
40.2016Adam Wainwright0.77
41.2016Prince Fielder-1.21
42.2016J.j. Hardy1.76
43.2016Yadier Molina4.05
44.2016Chris Narveson-0.04
45.2016James Loney-0.43
46.2016Matt Cain-0.09
47.2016Miguel Cabrera4.04
48.2016Adrian Gonzalez2.75
49.2016Scott Kazmir-0.00
50.2016Jose Reyes1.63
51.2016David Wright1.04
52.2016Gavin Floyd-0.02
53.2016Ryan Madson0.05
54.2016Sean Burnett-0.04
55.2016Edwin Encarnacion2.66
56.2016Chin-hui Tsao-0.12
57.2016Jeff Mathis1.06
58.2016Mike Napoli0.84
59.2016Ervin Santana-0.46
60.2016Dustin Mcgowan-0.20
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