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Custom Statistic Report: Batter Season

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Data Updated Through July 24, 2016
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31.2016Jean Segura3.41
32.2016Jackie Bradley3.36
33.2016Evan Longoria3.33
34.2016Jonathan Lucroy3.32
35.2016Danny Espinosa3.20
36.2016Stephen Piscotty3.19
37.2016David Ortiz3.11
38.2016Nelson Cruz3.07
39.2016Marcus Semien3.05
40.2016Odubel Herrera3.03
41.2016Bryce Harper3.03
42.2016Zack Cozart3.02
43.2016Justin Turner2.96
44.2016Adam Duvall2.96
45.2016Joey Votto2.95
46.2016Brandon Crawford2.92
47.2016Xander Bogaerts2.91
48.2016Starling Marte2.88
49.2016Ryan Braun2.74
50.2016Jason Castro2.74
51.2016Jonathan Villar2.73
52.2016Jason Kipnis2.69
53.2016Michael Saunders2.68
54.2016Wil Myers2.68
55.2016Gregory Polanco2.62
56.2016Ben Zobrist2.60
57.2016Dj Lemahieu2.54
58.2016Freddie Freeman2.53
59.2016Didi Gregorius2.52
60.2016Anthony Rendon2.48
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