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Data Updated Through July 31, 2015
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1.Paco RodriguezLANNL201376054.
2.Pedro FigueroaOAKAL2013503.
3.Steve JohnsonBALAL20139115.78.07.511.51.157.477.470.
4.Donnie VealCHAAL201350029.
5.Todd RedmondTORAL2013171477.
6.Juan PerezTORAL201319031.
7.David MartinezHOUAL20134011.312.
8.Darin DownsDETAL201329035.
9.Xavier CedenoHOUAL2013506.314.
10.Ross WolfTEXAL201322347.711.
11.Hector RondonCHNNL201345054.
12.Anthony VarvaroATLNL201362073.
13.Bryan MorrisPITNL201355065.
14.Greg BurkeNYNNL201332031.712.
15.Jose De La TorreBOSAL20137011.37.97.911.91.596.356.350.000.450.0-0.8.320
16.Cory RasmusANAAL201316015.
17.Neil WagnerTORAL201336038.
18.Michael WachaSLNNL201315964.
19.Jose FernandezMIANL20132828172.
20.Tony CingraniCINNL20132318104.76.23.710.31.202.923.
21.Brian FlynnMIANL20134418.
22.Nate KarnsWASNL20133312.
23.Seth ManessSLNNL201366062.
24.Burch SmithSDNNL201310736.
25.Zac RosscupCHNNL20131006.
26.Josh LuekeTBAAL201319021.
27.Collin MchughCOLNL20134419.
28.Matt MagillLANNL20136627.
29.Dellin BetancesNYAAL2013605.016.23.618.01.8010.8010.800.00-0.470.0-0.1.615
30.Brian OmogrossoCHAAL201312016.315.
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