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Data Updated Through August 23, 2016
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1.David CarpenterANAAL2013100.354.
2.Matt ShoemakerANAAL2013115.
3.Zach ClarkBALAL2013101.716.
4.Jake ElmoreHOUAL2013101.
5.David HolmbergARINL2013113.714.
6.Enny RomeroTBAAL2013114.
7.Justin FreemanCINNL2013101.
8.Eric SurkampSFNNL2013112.730.
9.Maikel CletoSLNNL2013102.319.33.919.33.8619.2919.290.00-2.700.00.1.667
10.Phil IrwinPITNL2013114.711.
11.Michael BelfioreBALAL2013101.320.
12.Shawn TollesonLANNL2013100.
13.Sean NolinTORAL2013111.347.
14.Jeff BeliveauTBAAL2013100.713.513.
15.Anthony ReckerNYNNL2013101.
16.Miles MikolasSDNNL2013201.
17.Chris DwyerKCAAL2013203.
18.David HaleATLNL20132211.09.00.811.50.000.820.820.001.800.02.4.355
19.Tyler RobertsonMINAL2013201.
20.Joe PatersonARINL2013202.
21.Duke WelkerPITNL2013201.
22.Pedro VillarrealCINNL2013215.720.
23.Wilmer FontTEXAL2013201.36.813.
24.John GastSLNNL20133312.
25.Mauricio RoblesPHINL2013304.713.55.811.60.001.935.790.000.620.00.2.438
26.Thad WeberSDNNL2013309.
27.Zach PhillipsMIANL2013301.716.
28.Nick ChristianiCINNL2013304.
29.Alex ColomeTBAAL20133316.
30.Collin MchughNYNNL2013317.
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