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Data Updated Through September 29, 2016
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1.Donnie VealCHAAL201350029.
2.Wily PeraltaMILNL20133232183.
3.Rafael DolisCHNNL2013505.
4.Luis AvilanATLNL201375065.
5.Will HarrisARINL201361052.
6.Chris HatcherMIANL2013708.713.
7.Arquimedes CamineroMIANL201313013.
8.Eduardo SanchezCHNNL2013406.
9.J.c. RamirezPHINL201318024.
10.Mauricio RoblesPHINL2013304.713.55.811.60.001.935.790.000.620.00.2.438
11.Alberto CabreraCHNNL2013706.
12.Kris JohnsonPITNL20134110.310.
13.Blake ParkerCHNNL201349046.37.62.910.70.782.723.300.
14.Greg BurkeNYNNL201332031.712.
15.Bryan MorrisPITNL201355065.
16.Anthony VarvaroATLNL201362073.
17.Hector RondonCHNNL201345054.
18.Alfredo FigaroMILNL201333574.
19.Erik DavisWASNL20131008.710.
20.Jeremy HorstPHINL201328026.
21.Joe SaveryPHINL201318020.
22.Duke WelkerPITNL2013201.
23.Michael BlazekMILNL2013707.
24.Michael BlazekSLNNL201311010.
25.Maikel CletoSLNNL2013102.319.33.919.33.8619.2919.290.00-2.700.00.1.667
26.Justin De FratusPHINL201358046.
27.Jake DiekmanPHINL201345038.
28.Tommy LayneSDNNL20131408.710.
29.Cory GearrinATLNL201337031.
30.Colt HynesSDNNL201322017.
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